Friday 21 February 2014

Diet And All.

So it was a beautiful Tuesday evening. *Yes, Monday evenings suck. Period*. I was out with mommy buying textbooks for this semester. *Yes, I bought them after close to a month into the semester. Yes, I go with mommy to buy books. Hmph!* The book guy likes to make extra money, you see. *No, he didn't charge extra. He is scared of my big mouth and me publicizing his scam on my blog. He is sweet.*  So, he hoists this extremely scary machine there, in his store. It has blinking lights, LED and all. Plus, it has an extremely intimidating woman on the top. And a slot. Oh yea, its a weighing machine.  *The woman is a straight 12/10. Perfect washboard abs and all* Since mommy was dieting from a week, she wanted to check progress.

She stands on the machine, ever so delicately. Like if she stood any stronger, the machine's gonna be mighty pissed of at her and will add like 5 kgs extra -_- She plonks a Rs.5 coin inside the slot, closes her eyes and waits for the machine to make a beeeeeeep. *I bet she was praying and making deals with Him, something like "Dude you take away 3 kgs, imma gonna give you a shower with milk this Friday, yo" *Don't tell her I spoke like this, pretty please __/\__ * And then she opens her eyes, and voila! She almost broke the damn thing 'cuz "OMG OMG OMG I LOST 3 KG 800 GM"

Me: *rolls eyes* Mom, you workout more, and still eat to your tummy's content,  *I think heart's content is lame, like food goes to tummy :o *you'll lose more weight. See now, lemme check mine. *smug face on*


I casually stand on it, after plonking down my 4.5 kg college bag, throw in a coin and carelessly look around waiting for it to beeeeeep. And then I look and I am like,

"WHAT THE FFFFUUREEEAAAAKK?!"  *If you know what I was about to say :P *

So yea, I had gained weight. Then I look up and be like, "Dude? Seriously? Like ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME? I work my ass off all day and you GIVE ME weight? Take mom's away?"

And He was like - "Yea! Where else do I store all the vada pavs, gobi manchurians, masala puris, Cavin's Milkshakes, pulpy grape juices, Maggie noodles from bakery bhaiyya? And I am not even considering the extremely buttery roti curries. So tell me, my child?"

I had no answer.

"So you tell me dude, what do I do? I have lost inches goddammit! I can fit into old clothes, okay? Where is the weight now? "

"I don't know all that yo! All I know is weight-loss is 80% diet, 20% workout. Abs are made in kitchen okay? You want exercises for abs? Do 5 sets each of STOP EATINGSOMUCHCRAP!"

Okay no, those last lines didn't happen, I read them on WeHeartIt. Rest of them, hand on heart yea! :O

Basically I am trying to tell how important it is to eat right.

If you workout real well but don't control your diet, you'll get a bigger appetite.

If you diet and don't workout, you'll get saggy. *.*

Nobody likes that, know?

That is the ultimate secret to weight-loss.

From a week I have been controlling my diet *trust me, not easy*, but I definitely am seeing better results. I don't know if its all in my head or what, I feel more energetic after a bowl of salad than a bar of chocolate. I have been avoiding any form of junk and eating mostly home made stuff. And there too, focus is on proteins and balanced levels of carbs and fats. Plus I have been drinking a minimum of three cups of green tea and at-least 3.5 lts of water. Its making a difference. I do feel a 'lil tired 'cuz of the portion control, I eat salads or drink fruit juices then. Calcium and multivitamin supplements are advisable too. *Please talk to your doctor before you take them*

Those of you that can't depend on home made food, please try and stick with minimum processed food. Switch a greasy burger to salad. Two bowls may be, no harm. Try and have a cheat day every two weeks. Maintain a food journal. Write down the water intake, the portions, green tea, even a cookie. It seems extreme, yes, but when you realize how many unwanted calories you have been consuming without your knowledge, its easier to monitor.  *Weight loss by calorie control is pretty difficult, but there's no harm in shifting to healthy food options, know? :) *

I am listing some basic food concepts here.

Go on Pinterest for more recipes, there are 100s! :)

And let me know how you 'doin and all? Okay?
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  1. Thats an awesome post have definitely inspired me !! Its time to focus.

  2. wow, that's a power packed post. I haven't started proper working yet. hope to from Monday.,errrr.make that a Tuesday ;) I find it hard to control my urges too when it comes to food. gosh! all the best, Nams. Keep at it, you are going great!

    1. LOL :D Its so not easy CC, I know the pain. Thank you so much, and all the best to you :) Let me know how it went :)


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