Tuesday 7 January 2014

Hey, January :)

Oh the joy when exams end! I mean WTH, right? I can't believe the amount of sleep lost over deadlocks, access matrix and paging, push down automata, hidden node problem, transaction failures and normalization, translation matrix and POSIX standards I MEAN SERIOUSLY? If there was an extension to Dumb Ways To Die, I would say Engineering. I mean honestly, I can't get over the fact that

..and then I remembered one of the new year's resolutions - no whining and ranting on the blog. If you have read the whining, you know my exams fi.nal.ly got over -_- I am having a ten day vacation until sixth semester begins and then its going to be one of the most epic semesters 'cuz I have so much to do in the coming weeks! *hyperventilates*

Anyho, here is the January wish list. Because hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

1. Cat Print Shirt

Yes, please. Though I am an in and out dog person, cat prints make me go weak in the knees. I want need a cat print shirt. It all started with random Pinterest browsing and coming across this baby right here. *sigh*

2. Sheer Black Shirt

I am on an eternal hunt for the perfect sheer black shirt. Honestly, its just so tough to find one that's not tacky -_- If it is sheer enough, its too long/short -_- If it has the right length, its too sheer. If it finally fits both the criteria, its has annoying tassels or some other annoying stuff.
And really, what's the deal with tassels? I find them, eww, meh, so blah.

3. Workout Wear

Trust me when I say this, cute workout wear makes a world of difference. I tend to pump it up like a boss when I am in proper workout wear than  lousy pyjamas and  holed teeshirts -_- May be the feel of looking like those ridiculously fit tumblr girls does it for me, don't know :P Well that's why pink red cute workout wear, come to mamma!

4. Pearl Necklace

I came across this baby on Pinterest and boy, have been drooling and still drooling. May be because it has this Hepburn feel to it ^_^ Pearls are always, so classy!

5. The perfect white nail polish

Trust me when I say it is the most difficult task in the world to find the right white nail paint. *Really. I would choose 50 boy push ups over the headache of the right white!* All the whites I have tried till date look like Asian Paints on my fingers -_-

That's pretty much it :D Since my birthday month is right around the corner, I shall start jotting down the birthday wish list! *dreamy eyed*

What are you wanting this January? Let me know, you! :)

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PS: Images don't belong to me, all are from Pinterest.
PPS: The rant is pretty interesting, if you skipped it ;)

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  1. Isn't your birthday in Jan?. I remember you being an Aquarian!!! Jan is my bday month and with SALES all around, I can't seem to keep my purse inside my bag :(....I too have a long list of items I want for this month, for say MAC Dubonnet lipstick :)

    1. My birthday is in February, Opal :) When is your birthday? :) Hhehehe, tell me more! I did so much online shopping this much :D All the best with the wishlist girl ;)

  2. I am going to shop for good workout wear, i haven't start yet but your post makes me want to :)


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