Wednesday 8 January 2014

How To Make 2014 The Best Year Of Yours

PS: This is going to be a very,very lengthy post, very.
PPS: I am just 20. The advice and suggestions to be used at your own discretion. Do not try them in your home unless you want to come across as a crack headed pot case who suddenly is filled with so much optimism and inspiration, there are colored LEDs shining out your bum. This is particularly important if you are living with your parents. Trust me, I have been there. They might as well think you are mad and carefully tread around you. For you never know, you might spring into action screaming Carpe Diem! and scare the hell out of them. Trust me, I have been there.
PPPS: All you grown up people full of wisdom and all, don't read it. You'll giggle at me and I'll feel like an idiot.
PPPPS: If you still go ahead and read and get bored and annoyed, don't get mad at me 'cuz I TOLD YOU SO!!
PPPPPS: Grab some coffee and play rain music in the background with Kesha or someone pumping it up! 8)
PPPPPPS: It is so much fun to make lists like this you know, of PP...Ss.

Okay so.

Hi again :D

Since 1/4th bottle of Benadryl and multiple Sinarests have an ability to take you to hallucinating states so awesome that you see sparkling lights and pink unicorns on ceiling, there is only so much explanation.
1. Your house is haunted by, I don't know. Pink unicorns or something.
2. You had little too much of cough syrup. #BlameTheCough

So that's when you make nice lists of how to make 2014 the best year of your life. Like I am doing now.

PPPPPPPPS: You can still go back to the beginning of the post, read the warnings and proceed.

You see, I have recently made a habit of making lists. Its so much fun to achieve something and then cross them off the list. Like a boss. Here I'll list what I think will make 2014 a better year. At least for me. Lets deal with one by one, okay?

Get on board, you!

Let 2014 be the year dedicated to you. Stop being a doormat. Stand up for yourself. Sit down and scrutinize your whole life. See where the problem is, if there is any. See what can be done to change it, if it can be. If not, just let it go. You can't control everything, your hair was put on your head to remind you of that.

Learn to let go. Its one of the most beautiful skills you'll ever learn. People that don't uplift you, relationships that sap you off, just let them go. Its the hardest thing until you do it but once done, you'll thank yourself. Learn to apologize. And if there is one person who deserves your forgivance more than anybody, that person is you.

Take very good care of yourself. Your skin, your health, your hair and your fitness. Always take care of yourself. Talk to yourself like you talk to someone whom you really love. Listen to that little voice that is reading this line right now, always listen to it.

Don't worry. Nothings gonna get better by worrying. Its like a rocking chair. It takes you nowhere but keeps you engaged and wasting time.

Procrastinate, its okay. At one point you'll feel that zeal and you'll start doing whatever it is yourself :) The more you force yourself into something, the more you run away from it.

Invest in yourself. When you look good, you feel good. Life is too short, buy those damned shoes already. Invest in clothes you look good in. Buy them one size smaller if you are trying to lose weight, it will motivate you.

With that said, keep a check on finances all the time. Always have emergency funds with you. Save at least 30% of what you earn :) Even if its plain old pocket money. Save, you never know when the emergency is. I mean what if that Chanel lipstick is just so good, it takes your breath away? *gulp*

Listen to good music. We are all tuned to running music in background while we work. In-fact, right now typing this, there is David Guetta with his Just One Last Time. Now and then, plug in and lose yourself in the lyrics and the music. Discover new artists. There is so much music on Youtube, it hurts me to know that I'll die without listening to all of them :( Even bad music :(

Read. Read a lot. Books are food for the soul. Our favorite quotes define us. Stick by those that make you feel alive. Ebooks, hard copies whatever you fancy. Just read them and lose yourself, again :)

Make your relationships better :) Let go of those that hurt you because there are more than dozens out there who need your love. Give people a second chance, not a third. Don't sell yourself short. You deserve to be with the people that make you want to cry with joy. Or something like that.

Work hard. Really put in 100% of your efforts. Thank me later when you are awesome.

Volunteer. Find something that strikes your chord. Abondoned street pups, malnutrioned babies and pregnant women, aged people, women empowerment, diseases and so much more. Find that NGO and go do it.

Spread happiness. Wherever you go, take your own sunshine. Making somebody smile is probably the best way to be happy. Really listen to people. Give hugs and mean them. When you see somebody whom you love after a long time, run up to them and pull them into your biggest hug :) Nothing makes their day better. Knowing that they are loved is probably the best gift you'll ever give anybody.

Dress up good. Always try to look your best. I am not asking you to loot banks for brands, just try to be polished and presentable. Doesn't mean ditch the pyjamas and holed teeshirts (I understand the attachment, I have a teeshirt that is 4 years old), just don't practically live in them, you know. If you want to dab on makeup, just do it as long as its appropriate for the place and occasion.Sometimes dressing up when you feel low helps alleviate your mood. Works for me ;) Groom yourself - hair and nails done, sun protected and happy :)

Workout. Weight loss is just one of the benefits of it. You'll stay healthier with you organs working like bosses when you crank it up at the gym. You'll feel better.

Eat healthy. Opt for healthy stuff. But also eat cheesecakes and donuts and sundaes. Moderation is the key.

Don't bad mouth people or involve yourself in mindless gossip. You are better than that! :)

Maintain a journal and record your thoughts. A notebook or an online journal will do. Its nice to see ourselves evolve over days. *Though its okay to want to run a truck over yourself for some thoughts :D*

Learn to say 'No'. Delegate work. Work smart, don't have to work hard if you can be smart ;) *I know it is contradictory to what I told above. Well I mean, work hard at being smart ;) *

Have a couple of big goals and a few small ones. Strategize. See how to achieve them. Make practical time tables. Do everything it takes to realize your dreams.

Be grateful. Life could be worse. *shudders*

Spend quality time with the people that matter to you. We spend so much time on the Internet, we hardly have time for real world connections. *Lets ignore the irony that you are reading this online!*. Switch off the laptop and go get some sunshine. Or spread some :) *^refer above*

Choose to be happy. Life is simple, easy and beautiful. Change is the only constant. People change, circumstances change. Its never about who is holding you back, its about how much of yourself you are holding back. Its okay to not to be who you are known as. Everybody changes through life. Situations make us that. Its okay to change. As long as you are true to your conscious, your family and close knit friends are okay with what you are, all's well in the world.

Be true to yourself. You don't have to convince and satisfy everybody. (You can't is another thing).

Stay inspired. Make yourself proud. Once in a while, blow your own mind.

Just that when you go to bed each night, have the satisfaction of having spent the day well. If not the complete day, at least 80% of it. That way, by the end of the year, you have an year that was 80% productive. How cool is that?!

With that, live everyday by intention than by habit. There will be good days and bad, good moments and bad. You'll want to hug somebody and kick someone else KungFu style, there will be green tea days and mad-donut-hogging days, Oh-I-Love-You days and Vanish-from-here,moron days, and its all okay.

Lastly, don't base your life's decisions on advice from people who don't have to deal with the result of your decisions.

That's all I could think of in the state of stars-over-my-head :) Shoot in comments and tell me how you plan on making your year better.

I'll go chug down some more Benedryl now.
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  1. Wonderful post....
    I am personally working on letting go of people who really get me down and being more happier and positive.
    This year, by God's grace if all goes well, I will become a mommy :)) <3 so all very excited for it! :))

    1. Abidha, thank you so much! I am so happy for you, that's like awwwness ^_^ Do keep me posted, babies just make me so mushy ._.

  2. crazy girl!!!! you just made me smile :)
    here's a BIG hug specially for you!!!!!

    1. Aawww Shilpa, thank you! *big hug right back!* <3

  3. It is so true!! most of us just forget to invest on ourselves and go out of our way to please others!! we forget that we have a life of our own too i love the part that says procrastinate the best though :P Nice work

  4. Such true genuine heartfelt thoughts loved every bit of it...have a gr8 yr buddy n I sure will try n make mine 2 :")

  5. Hi're damn sorted for a 20 year old!! Jokes apart, thanks for the amazing stuff you wrote. Its true and its brilliantly motivating without being preachy! Thank you and do keep writing the good stuff :))

    1. Aawww haha :D Thanks a lot, like really :) I am so glad you liked it :)


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