Sunday 29 December 2013


His one leg was folded, other one was dangling off the frame of his bed. His guitar was resting across his lap. Right hand on the bridge, his fingers were delicately strumming the chords on the left.

Tall at a little over 6 feet, he was built. Not the types that make you wonder if they are undercover Cloud Man, but a nice, sexy built. His hair was a little ruffled, his forehead creasing now and then. His eyes were closed, searching for the right notes. His lips were a little parted as though if he held them closer, he would be a little too perfect. How could he be anymore perfect, anyway.Them and his stubble. The ever so subtle stubble that gave him his charm. His breathing had a rhythm, getting a little fast in some moments, a little slow in others. The sculpted shoulders, his favorite pair of tattered jeans.

While I continued to study the little ups and downs on his handsome face, he opened his eyes, and smiled, lifting his eye brows. And he didn't know then, his abrupt disturbance had put my heart beat, and breathing, off tempo.

I held back the pigments from my brain that wanted to color my cheeks so bad. "Nothing", I mouthed and smiled.

"Okay. Ready?", he smiled his most gorgeous smile.

I nodded in affirmative. I felt like every word that was filling the room would take the moment away. Especially if it came from my mouth. It was so quiet, I could hear his rough jeans nuzzling against the bed every time he shifted his posture.

He sat straighter and pulled the guitar closer. That increased the distance between us to 6.3 feet. Damn his big ass bed. My heart beat quickened in response.

His fingers sped as they strummed the chords, and his lips parted more as he started humming. Within eight seconds he was singing. By the time another few seconds made their way to beyond the forever, never to come back, he was lost in the song. He was smiling at his favorite lines, his fingers expertly strumming the chords. And he sang for full five minutes. By the end of the fifth minute, his voice starting waning, the chords started fading and his smile started the journey back to nothingness on his lips. The last few single notes told me the song was over. Them, and his eyes looking at me expectantly, a small smile slowly spreading on his lips. My tummy did a somersault in response. How could anybody be this perfect? This wonderful?

"You are a freakin' genius! OMG! You have such an amazing voice! DUDE I am floored! I knew you played the guitar, but I didn't know you were this good! Why didn't you tell me before, mister? Damn you! OMG OMG!!", I exclaimed. I didn't know how to stop the pigments anymore. The highs and lows and the smiles that had laced his voice while he sang were running through my nerves now, forcing the cerise pigments out. High pitched appreciation would definitely distract him from them.Or so I thought.

"You are blushing", he said quietly. The sweet smile was transitioning into a mischievous grin.

"Oh please, why would I blush for you. You are best friend zoned, you know that", I pouted. Damn these pigments.

"Am I? I thought I was.", he kept the guitar aside and ran his hand through his hair. Stop it stop it stop it please!

"Haha! I mean honestly, you are just so good at it. Way to go boy!", I appreciated in all honesty.

"Thank you, I am glad you like the way I sound", he smiled genuinely. I could see his face lighting up with a kid like pride. Like a little boy  who just won a medal. Aww!

"Pleasure is mine. Umm so?", I looked at him. He was still messing his already messed hair.

So was our word.

"Umm so?", he turned towards me, shifted to a spot 3 feet nearer.

"So?", I smiled and looked into his eyes, while wondering if the newly formed question marks on my face were colored too. Pink. 

"Soooo....", he brushed few errant strands of my hair away from my eyes. Crimson.

"I think its time I told you...", he pulled my cheeks. Electric crimson.

"...but you already know. So I am just going to.." Scarlet.

And his lips were on mine. His right hand made way through the mess of my hair onto the nape of my neck, and the fingers on his left hand, the very ones that were strumming the guitar chords a few minutes ago, were strumming my cheeks. The strands of my hair that he had brushed away were back, grazing a little of his cheeks. May be they liked his stubble. Just like I did.

I smiled, and he pulled back, amused. "What?", he put the errant strands back in place again. "Eewwwww", I grinned. Eewwwww was our word.

"Eewwwww", he grinned back and pulled me closer. His arm over my shoulder, fingers playing safe, deciding what to do next on the periphery of my shoulder, that place where your arm ends and the shoulder begins, whatever it is called. My hemline nuzzled against his rough jeans. I could hear it. 0.5 feet. 

"So?", his fingers continued strumming my collar bone which was starting to end.

"Sooooo...", I tilted his head back and kissed him. For a full minute.

"Eewwwww", he smiled as he kissed back.

"Eewwwww", I smiled, gathering myself back.

He looked out of the window. "Let's go on the roof top? Its the perfect sunset. Let me click some pictures of the sun and my sunshine", he kissed my nose and stood up.

And I sat there, hopelessly enchanted.

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  1. Awwwwww ^_^ Hope for those 'best friend zoned' guys out there :D Beautifully narrated :)
    Just one suggestion. Decrease the width of your blog as it becomes difficult to read entire sentences without having to scroll.
    Keep up the good work :)

    1. Haha thank you so much! :) ^_^ Hope is always there, they are best friends for a reason know? :)

      It is? I shall set it smaller, thanks for letting me know :)

  2. Replies
    1. Pooja! :) Thank you <3 You are always so,very, sweet :)

  3. This is such a sweet post Nammu. Enjoyed reading it.. well narrated.. do come up with more such writings

    1. Rajani! :) Thank you so much! :) Yea, I will write more <3 ILY! Your comments ALWAYS make my day :)

  4. That was so romantic and touching and incredibly cute!!! Beautifully narrated...
    I can't help it...this post is going into my December favorites post!!
    Thumbs Up!! <3 <3

    1. This is such a sweet comment, thank you so very much, Abidhayyoob! :) I am so glad you liked it :) <3 *made my day!*


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