Wednesday 1 January 2014

The Typical New Year, New Me BLAH post.

Warning: Long post ahead. And its NOT a new year, new me post.
Read on at your own risk. The blog/the blog owner is not responsible for any yawns, smirks, annoyance and giggles.

Well hello there, you :D I am proud of you for having taken the brave step of reading this, even after statutory warnings. Bravo!

I didn't want to write a 'New Year New Me', post, you see. I somehow never have fun on the night of December 31st. Most times its exam time in college/school and I am like so sleep deprived and cranky :P Plus the December's cold freezing my bones and I am like "LET ME SLEEP" >:(

Party pooper, if you must say -_-

Last night was so different. But well, it was the MOST peaceful sleep I have had on a December 31st's night. Since I had an exam in the morning, I had gotten like two hours of sleep on 30th's night. I was just so sleepy dammnit. In fact, I took an hour to write down 20 marks worth of answers, I have a feeling I fell asleep for a couple of minutes on the paper, I don't know :o When the 11 AM's bell went on, reminding me of remaining 2 hours and 80 friggin' marks to be written, I almost jumped out of my seat freakin' out the invigilator :D How I wish they allowed chewing gums in exam hall -_-

So long story cut short, I was a total grump bag. I don't know how I rode in Bangalore's maddening traffic with a dozen people honking their heads off any given moment, with my ever-so-annoyingly-chirpy-yet-adorable little sister pillion, hunting for her perfect ever-so-greasy-pastry. Duh.

And then by 10 30 PM, I was tucked in bed. With a nice book in hand and plugged into music, I think I experienced heaven. That if you choose to ignore the the ear-tearing screams of gulli kids running around with lemons and spoons and tacky music.-.-   Isn't it ironic that the extremely noisy band of 6-12 year olds was spearheaded by the above mentioned sister of mine? Dear god!


"Take the damned music player and vanish from in front of my closed eyes"



*akka = elder sister, in Kannada.

And then, all my attempts of trying to keep myself awake for the 12 O CLOCK CAKE 'CUTTTING' went futile. I was fast asleep until my sister came to my room to wake me up again.



"Oh never mind. Dad and  mom are asleep too. Shall we cut cake tomorrow evening?"


"Goodnight sleep tight. Sweet dreams. I love you!"


And then I slept again, only to wake up at 11 30 AM this morning. Still a little groggy from the maddeningly irregular sleep cycles, I checked my phone and iPad.

Dear Lord.

14 missed calls varying between 11 49 PM to 3 AM.

184 Whatsapp pings.

28 different people's messages.

And 14 of them being heartfelt, written-for-me, out-of-the-world sweetness :)

Jeez. I melted to carpet, I tell ya.

That is when I realized how fantastic 2013 has been :)

Though I went through a sickening heartbreak, I still will call this year fabulous :)

The number of new friends made, the number of heart to heart talks, getting closer to the ones that already mattered, learning to be hopeful, letting myself love and be loved :) From a heartbroken whiny little girl to a positive, happy-gone-lucky-retarded young girl, from 63 kg to 57 kg and on-the-way-to-lesser, from Umm-pink-lipbalm-might-be-too-flashy to bring-it-on-pink-lippie-AND-lipgloss, from calorie-counting to squat and crunch counting, from face wet from weeping to face wet from sweat, I have come a looooong way :)

When I look into the mirror now, I see a girl that loves life :) Sure, there are ups and downs. But hey, all's well that end's well know? Here are some things 2013 taught me :)

1. Everything can be healed, everything.

2. Time is the biggest healer. Enough of it will make everything better.

3. The best gift you can give to someone is your time and undivided attention.

4. Expectations kill it for us. Try and expect less and you'll be glad :) Its not in a negative sense, nope. Just let people and situations be, and you'll surprised when something fabulous happens. You see, most times we are just so busy running stories in our head, we forget the other person has a life too. I know its so easy to say "Don't expect!", and so, I have one fool proof way to handle it. Every time I find myself weaving stories in my head, I tell myself, "Miss, stop. Do not expect. Let it be. Let things happen. Ssh" and sound my best honest self, and just like that, I am distracted from the story, into the reality. Try it, works :)

5. Nothing can beat work hard. If you really work hard, put in your 100%, you'll get results. Yes. If you don't, you just have to figure out another way of doing it :) This applies to career, fitness and everything else too.

6. Music is the greatest thing you'll ever have in life. Music is probably the best thing that will happen to us. I rate it above love. Really.

7. Stressing about anything just screws it up all the way more. The quieter your mind is, the more you'll hear. We should all just stop effin' worrying every moment, you know? Life is simple, really. Find some quotes and music that make you feel better, workout as much as you can, eat healthy, cheat on your diet once in a while, cozy up with books, read, read a lot, really listen to people when you listen. The things we dread to do are the ones that set us free :) Just go ahead and live your life, you! Love like you have never been hurt. Love with all your heart. And kidney, gall bladder and lungs may be. Try loving with your intestine too. But carry your brain with you, don't let yourself get hurt :) Over thinking doesn't help either. You can choose that time to drool, you know. Over Salvatore brothers, or Shahid Kapoor. Or you guitar playing extremely yummy crush ;)

Take it easy, just don't be too hard on yourself. We don't always have to know all the answers, have it all figured out, you know :)

With this, the sermon has come to an end. I wanted to make a collage to put in all the snaps that mattered this year, but then, it became 40+ photos and I went mad trying to keep people's faces in, not letting one person's arm photobomb the face of another seemingly innocent friend :(

That makes me so happy, the fact that this year I have had such wonderful memories. YAY, me :)

I want to thank everybody, the ones that loved and the ones that hated, the ones that broke me down and the ones that helped me stand up, the ones that took care of me and then ones that taught me to take care of myself, all of you that read my rambling all through the year and still come back knowing what a lunatic I am. *I think I am fantastic at being a lunatic. I know you think the same too. C'mon now, don't deny it aaye!*

Here is to a sexed out new year with a lot more fun, a lot more happiness, being alive and being in the moment. Here is to lot more jumping around and getting hit in the elbow :x A lot many more tubs of Death By Chocolates and then extra crunches and lunges, guitar nights followed by Dear-God-I-don't-want-to-get-up mornings and "Aaww my honeybunch wakey wakey, Sugarcup!" "YOU'LL MISS THE COLLEGE BUSS!!"

I hope all of you have a beautiful year, people :) Stay fabulous, like always :) May you all be blessed with joy and abundance, new pairs of shoes and dresses on sale, lipsticks and foundations that finally suit your skin tone, more likes on Facebook and BlogLovin, more hearts on Instagram, more retweets and lesser spam in Gmail.


Here is a picture of me, rated the best retarded of year 2013, by my equally retarded friends.

 I'll now log off and study the most handsome subject ever, Data Base Management System.

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  1. This is by far the most amazing post I have read abt new year did not really on a good note but I am definitely all geared up to change that in 2014 and your post just boosted my confidence.....happy new year

    1. Thank you so much Aparajita, I am so glad the post made you happy :)

  2. Happy new year darling....kisses and hugs! <3
    and keep on writing ...I want to see more of it :)

    1. Thank you so much Pooja :* I will :)
      Wishing you a fantastic new year ahead :)

  3. Happy New Year Sweetheart <3
    May all your dreams come true.
    enjoyed reading this post :D

  4. Replies
    1. Rajani! :) Thank you so much :) Wishing you the same :D

      DBMS went well :D

  5. wah...what a are a sweetheart...just what I wanted to hear for the New Years....keep smiling :)

    1. Opal! Aaaww thank you so much :) Wishing you a fabulous year ahead!

  6. Lol....i just really enjoyes reading this post!! Your sistr sounds just like mine too!
    Hope you have a great year ahead and do well in your exams!!
    All the best! :)

    1. Hehe :D Thank you, Abidha :) Sisters I tell you, can't live with them, can't live without them! Have a fantastic year ahead :)

  7. Again, I have to say this is the best-est post I have read because it has come with a lot of wisdom and experience. it means so much that you have imparted the same for everyone to read. God bless you. <3 and keep writing, cos you rock :)

    1. Aww CC! You are always so freakin' sweet :) Thank you for being there for me, all the time :* Have a fabulous year ahead!
      PS: You are too awesome to handle -_-

  8. This post made me smile! Loved it! Good luck in the new year :)

    1. I am glad, Safa :) Wishing you too a fabulous year ahead! :)

  9. Beautiful you and a beautiful post! You are inspiring and fun at the same time, how unique is that! :D

    1. Himshikha! Aww thank you, love :) Just the way you are super sweet and super awesome, all the time ;)

  10. Good luck for the New Year, Namitha! Your writing is so fun & entertaining - keep it up.

    After following a host of blogs, yours included, for a while now, I have decided to start my own:

    Do check it out & show some love :)

    1. Thank you, will do :) all the best with the blog :)


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