Friday 15 November 2013

Stand out at your college fest with Elle 18!

*Definitely read on, one of the nice posts for all of you that keep running from pole to pole in college, because hey! Without you, the college fest just won't happen!*

Stand out at your college fest with Elle 18!

As we near the rush hour for college fests, every girl wants to look like a star and stand out in the crowd. Whether its numerous events at the festival or simply an occasion to show off, the Elle 18 girl is always ready with an arsenal of quick fixes and beauty must haves that will make every head turn!
Scroll down to see what it takes to look like a beauty queen at a college festival!

#Must Haves 1- Juicy Lip balm in funky flavours
Just like your skin, your lips are vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun and dehydration. Keep them looking luscious while you go enjoying the festival with a good lip balm which has SPF. Day or night, you will be able to protect your pout in pretty colours of pink,mauve, red,berry,peach and beige

#Must Haves 2- ‘Pop’ eye liners in stunning colours
Want to show off your eyes? Make them pop with the ‘winged look’and instead of a black liner opt for bright colours of purple, green and silver.
Make sure you carry these in your makeup bag to touch up as and when require
#Must Have 3- Glow Compact
Between running from one end of the fest to the other, socializing, participating and in general having a good time there is a dullness that envelopes the face! Get the perfect fix for this with a glow compact – small and handy to fit right into your bag. The aim is to glow and breeze through your fest looking flawless and absolutely radiant.
#Must Have 4- Kajal
The quintessential favorite of every Indian girl the kajal will never let you down! Get an instant face lift with a simple black kohl in your bag and you are good to go!
#Must Have 5- Glow Foundation
If you are the fashionista who battles with blemishes, marks and acne,the glow foundation is your beauty remedy! Add a dab of foundation to ensure you have a flawless face throughout the day!

An every-day silky delicate texture foundation with SPF 8 will combat the sun and be the perfect addition to your make-up bag!

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