Thursday 7 November 2013

November, I love already. I do.

How awesome can a month be? It can be as awesome as November. Its probably been the best month to me already! :D Beat this:

1. It started with a four day vacation. WOOHUU!
2. Not much trouble with BSNL. #IAmBlessed
3. Peaked stage of weight starts moving down the scale #HappyDance
4. Shopping #SoHappy

And the best part was meeting my people. I have had like half a dozen reunions with the ones that I last spoke to two to eight years ago :)  I met this guy, my best friend from SEVEN years ago :O How beautiful, surprising and overwhelming was that?! Okay so due to circumstances, we had drifted away. A few days ago we got in touch again and ended up meeting. It was Christmas! Seven years of talks, things that stayed same, things that changed. People that walked in, and that walked out. Three hours of talks and there was still so much left. Nothing can ever beat the happiness of sitting across from your best friend listening to his crazy stories, telling him about yours and punching him in the tummy when he laughs at your stupid decisions and choices, the stupid tear of happiness when he blushes and squirms in his place when you repeat his girlfriend's name a couple of times, and the slight shock that still remains at the fact that he managed to get a girl in first place :'D

The best part about such beautiful relationships is that it reminds you that amazing connections can be made and held on to. And that when relationships develop cracks, you can choose to repair it and hold it closer than tossing it away :) The fact that you can be completely yourself without having to censor your thoughts, your speech and your opinions with absolute no fear of being judged is a bliss in itself. What gives more peace is the fact that the people that know you through your childhood and teenage will almost never let you go :) May be the fact that they know your formative years, may be the fact that they have gone through the same and have similar families and experiences and probably that, the pieces of childhood are somehow, always meant to be together and intact :)

The thing they say about people destined to stay in your life finding their way back? Yea, those are some true words :) I am speaking from real world application experience here :) How else will I justify the revival of a friendship that I thought died seven+ years ago? :)

So, I am hardly wanting anything this month! :) When you have such fulfilling relationships in life, you somewhere feel a bliss. But then, when there are such fulfilling relationships in life, you tend to go out a lot, and that means more shoes, more dresses, and oh well, a new wish list! :D

1. Dressy Shoes

Ethnic day in my college is right around the corner, and I am still hunting for the perfect shoes! *Shock.Horror.Gasp* I am looking for something that adds height to my midget frame AND is comfortable AND is pretty. See how I made the 'and' as AND? Its because its so hard to find something like that -_- From a horrific experience, I have learnt NEVER to wear stilettos to place that lack a polished, easy to walk surface and a shoulder to hang on to when I trip -_- #ClumsyGirlDiaries. I want something pretty with a good heel base and support. Walking when clad in a saree is a thing of pain in the ass, so well. Okay, so any suggestions? Shoes in golden tones? Please let me know, Bangaloreans! And online shoppers ;)

2. More time for workout

YAY! to fitness :D From 40 minutes to 1 hour, I like pumping it out 8) Its nice when you start getting used to a body that's slowly but steadily getting back to shape, you just dont want to go back to feeling fat -_-

3. Chandelier earrings

We are back to ethnic day here. I want something like this here in pink/yellow/golden/pearl type. Suggestions anybody?

4. Mc Queen Clutch

This baby right here has gotten be obsessed. I shall not rest in peace until I can find a dupe/DIY it myself -_-

5. More laugh time
* I shall not rant I shall not rant I shall not rant I shall not...* GIMME A BREAK!!

*download the image or click on it and open for a bigger one, its worth the effort*

Okay so that's about it :D I might take a little break once again since my exams are around the corner but I am just a comment away, okay?

Lots of love! :*

*that awkward moment when you feel extremely mushy and love your readers and you don't know why. *Gulp* *kissie face here**

PS: All images are from Pinterest, I claim no ownership.
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  1. Hey check out catwalk/inc.5 for golden can order them online from Jabong or myntra too...wear a mid heel and carry a flat in your bag (Just in case, you feel like breaking into a happy dance :p)

    1. Opal, thanks :D I found them on Rocia :) Catwalk had a nice collection too! :) Flat tip (y) I am definitely taking them with me, the pain after around four hours is horrible -_-


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