Saturday 2 November 2013

Maybelline Colossal Kajal 12 Hour Stay Formula - Review, Swatches and FOTD

A quick post before I head out for a fun filled Diwali evening, complete with sweets, friends, cousins and older aunties. Older aunties that want to marry me off the moment I walk out of my college gate on the day of my graduation.

*Sigh* Honestly, what's with the relatives? >:(

Anyho, I ain't going anywhere -_- Its raining cats and dogs here in Bangalore and forget the crackers, we can't even step out -_- I don't burst crackers, but rest of my family does. So I am here, typing away a nice review for you guys.

PS: How do you deal with pesky relatives that can't wait for you to get married, because you are so lovable and awesome and grew up super fast? The last time they saw you, you were sucking on your thumb talking gibberish.  Like in 18 years, you reached a height of 5+ feet! Voila! How? They want to know.

I don't have answers to these mind blogglers, but I do know that answer for the Maybelline Colossal Kajal's claim of 12 hour stay. Will it? Won't it?

It costs Rs.175/-

I have already reviewed this HG kajal of mine before here - So I will tell you what is different here.

The packaging is classic Maybelline - you pluck the cap out, twist up and say HI! to nice kajal.

So the kajal is dark jet black *duh* and has the creamy formula. Lets just say it glides on my waterline. It is softer, creamier and well, nicer than its 6 hour stay version.  I have VERY oily lids that love transferring oil to everywhere else around my eyes and super watery water line which always make me seem "Your eyes seem  full, hon. You okay?" So, on this kinda pair of eyes, this stays for 8-9 hours with absolutely no smudging. LOVE. Honestly, for somebody who is almost-missing-college-bus everyday, this is a bliss.

It doesn't stay for 12 hours on my eyes. There, I said it. It starts smudging at the end of 8 hours. It doesn't make a mess as such, but definitely seeps down to my already dark dark-circle area. *What do you call that pit under the eyes?* But who is complaining? It stays long enough for me - morning 6 30 AM to around 3 30 PM ish. If I do a retouch sometime, then it just stays longer. Thumbs up.

This, is after some rigorous rubbing and it wouldn't budge -_- leaving the rest of the wrist red and rash-like :| 

To remove it, I usually use some baby oil. Most times it goes away with my face wash. *Honestly, I don't use a makeup remover for some sun screen, compact and kajal*. When it doesn't budge, I use baby oil.

Its one of my HG kajals and I will keep going back to it. The 12 hour stay, or 8-9 stay for me, is definitely an added benefit. Likes.

All in all, I have no complaints.

And this is me, after 6 hours of wearing it. Please excuse the messy hair and what-am-I-thinking Instagram picture :D

Over all, I am definitely loving this one :D Go ahead and splurge, you won't regret :) 

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PS: The product was provided by PR for review purpose. My opinions are honest, you know me.

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  1. great review Nammu.. I too use this and love it :)

  2. I used this and loved it before I the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal was released. Now I think that the Eyeconic lasts much longer and is more smudge-proof than the Colossal Kajal. :)

    1. It does? Both fare almost the same for me :) Thank you for your input Stella :)

  3. I am yet to try it because I am always scared of raccoon eyes but I might give this a try :)


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