Sunday 6 October 2013

October? Hi :)

I am sure there is something spooky happening to the calendar. I mean c'mon! It was like hours ago I did the September wish list and here we are, October staring in to my face :O What the hell, know? Less than 90 days for this year to end? Are you freakin' kidding me? I am feeling so nostalgic and old. And in no time, we all will be doing last-posts-of-the-year. My birthday will be five months from now :( I'll be older *and may be, wiser* :o In between exams, projects, deadlines to meet, and reports to be written, I have had such a busy year :o OMG! Time is running so fast.

May be its time to slow down and actually live life, know? Better than contemplating, re-running the stories in the head and editing the dialog scrips because life never really happens that way. Atleast I should be aiming for a simpler life now :P #OverThinkerProblems #FBInstagramWeHeartItKillProductivity #INeedToSpendLessTimeOnline #IshouldStartFramingTimeSchedules.

Anyho, here is what I am craving this month :D Dasara is here and that means more holidays for close to ten days :D So yea, I am pretty sure its gonna be a good month :)

1. Reading time

See, reading in moving bus gives people a headache. I used to be immune to this, but these days my eyes have started rebelling :\ So my two hour doze of reading is not happening anymore. I need to read, boy.

2. A jacket

I want need a colored jacket in my life! I am thinking corals and blues, but am also veering towards basics. Any suggestion?

3. Pink shoes

Pretty please! Pink is hands down my favorite color and I just realized I own no heels in that color :O *The horror of it :o * So, somebody buy me pretty pink heels, pretty please ;)

4. Dress

Its been so long I bought a casual dress :) And now that I am almost happy with how I am looking, its all about splurging, baby ;) What better than a cutesy-never-fails check dress?

5. Longer hair

As much as I dreaded it, I have reached the position of my-hair-sucks, thanks to no trimming from months, cuz well, I need longer hair :\ So for another month, no cuts, no leaving my hair open. Its going to be braids and messy buns and pony tails. Sorry hair, we have to do it the tough way. With all the care I give you, if you still choose to misbehave, mummy will have to punish. I can't help and you know that. I WANT you longer >:(

And then, I might get ombre high lights :o *Wow, this point struck me while typing this! I am starting to get so excited :D *

6. A pretty scarf

May be the fall, may be the wind, may be the British girl vibe ^_^ I am wanting a scarf ^_^ A basic top, a beautiful scarf, skinny jeans and boots, a jacket (^above) ^_^ Messy braid and pink on lips. Ooo. What? A girl can dream -_-

BTW, this image from Pinterest has got me interested in meditation. Inspires you, does it?

What are you wanting this October?

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  1. get pretty scarf in Max...even I wanna do highlights and lowlights. ..but am shit scared of damaging my hair

    1. Yea? Cool! Will check Opal :) I am scared too (its already damaged from the red streaks), but oh I just cant resist -_-

  2. Cool!!
    My list for October will be crazy!!!
    there is many important things coming in November! Diwali, My B'day n all i gotta shop a lot more stuff's too...


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