Friday 4 October 2013

Breakup Diaries: The Last Chapter

I have been wanting to write this post from a couple of days, but I get overwhelmed at the responses that I received and I end up reading and re-reading them, fine tuning my mind! Such is the love of you guys, thank you, just so much :) Like I promised, here is the next part, and the final part to the Breakup diaries. Such posts can be emotionally draining for the readers, and they do stress me too, a lil, I think. So here is the part which might be the lengthier than the previous one :P And with this, no more breakup talk on the blog. Lets get back to being awesome, okay? For those of you who don't know, here is the link.

I got some marvelous comments on that post, and I am copy pasting them to this post with the link back to them You might want to read them/get in touch with them, in case.

Vivienne Z said, 

You go girl!

I don't remember reading you'd broken up before this, but I had an inkling since a few months that you did; your "piece of fiction" stories and monologues have so much life and emotion in them, they couldn't be written by someone who hasn't had even a tiny taste of those emotions :)

I think every relationship, whether it works out or not, teaches you something - either about yourself or about others. At the very least, you learn what you don't want in life.

Soliloquy said,
Very well written. Each and every aspect of a breakup is mentioned in here and I cant't believe you have taken care of every emotion hanging as strings from a broken heart. We must all remember and remind ourselves these few lines:

“You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with, and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who could make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy.” 
― Cecelia Ahern

And to all those stuck with the same loop of thoughts, this:

It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn't matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over. 
-Paulo Coelho 

Quotes always help, we all must stick notes of our favourite ones onto our minds. It helps :)

And as you said, this too shall pass! :D

Kashif Anwer said,

Very expressive and mature, very insightful and extremely emotional. Also a new hairdo is a must after the breakup as the thinking goes, you want a fresh start & a new identity. :) :D

And now, lets get at it.

All the images have been taken from Pinterest. I claim no ownership.

Before I do, here are some pointers I missed in the previous one. I want to elaborate more on the goal part, because a few wrote in to me stating how tough it is to have a goal and focus on it when your mind is constantly distractedly and positively in a state of frenzy. Let me tell you what, this struggle to concentrate on a goal is what will get you out of your mindset. So, choosing a goal is important. If you choose something that is not really your passion, you are doomed to fail. I mean, this goal is supposed to light you from the inside, to give you something so strong, so full of life that you don't feel a shred of fatigue in you when you pursue it. So dream so big, that is scares you.

We all have day dreams, don't we? Most times we shoo them away because we think its hilarious to pursue them. Like "Oh c'mon! That's ridiculous!". But you know what? These are your passions. When your mind wanders to these boundaries with no effort from your side, it shows how much your sub conscious is etched with those thoughts and how much, you love them.

To put it across in another way, when we were kids, we would spend hours doing what we loved - scribbling on the walls ( I used to be a champion at it 8) *Even though my drawing skills now, err umm, lets not talk about it*) , playing in the mud, singing along various sitcom jingles and music, reciting painful verses (My daddy had made me by heart all the lists - months, days of the fortnight, names of various kings of many dynasties and the like in my mother tongue *Imagine a toddler parroting out names like a boss in gibberish :D* ) and such various stuff with no fatigue. Why? Because we liked doing all that, we never did anything that we didn't like (except taking bath and drinking milk). Then, why, as adults, don't we do what we love? Right? So find your niche. And just starting to do it. Its okay if you don't get it all right, or worse, you don't like it after a while. The point is to find what you like, love and what triggers life in you :) Follow your dreams. Because dreams don't work until you do.

Look around, people your age, kids younger to you are achieving. There is so much inspiration around if you want to bask in there :) Look at the sunshiny parts.Life is very beautiful. Sure, there are good days and there are bad days, but its not a bad life :) Its all a choice, its all about wanting to do something and being something more, somebody more than just a cry baby :) Its about being inspirational and well, fabulous :)

Here is a list of websites that helped me get through.

Thought Catalog - Just choose whatever you want to read- there are MILLIONS of articles from all over the world by so many, many various mindsets.

Gala Darling - One of the very practical websites I have found. This lady is a burst of sunshine, so full of optimism. Most of my words come from her :)

Music -- Find what gives you happiness. Discover music. Read the lyrics. Lana Del Rey makes me happy, though most of hers songs are about her pledging her love to bad boys -_- She is mysterious, and I like that :)

Go be that country British girl :) I personally always think British girls are happy :O In a very, country side way. I don't know. Most blogs that I follow, the artists and the writings, British all the way :)

Be like the fucking-ray-of-sunshine! Its your life, live it big.

Laugh a lot. Dress up :) Take selfies. Get new manis and pedis. Pout. Wear saree. Be feminine. Be classy, and a lil smart assy. Wear converse. A sling bag may be. Put on glittered eye liner. Get your hair trimmed. On that note, get a new hair cut. Get fringes. Pixie if you want to. Look at the stars. Discover shapes in clouds :) Feel the breeze. Dance like an idiot, yes, idiot. Get drunk on life. Bat your eye lashes. Smile from your heart. Have a signature retard grin. Let people take care of you. Don't expect. Stop the stories in your head. Just be. Once in a while, take a leave in the mid of the week just for yourself. Wear pearls. Fall asleep super early, wake up sometime in the noon. Shop. Go out with friends.Fall in love with the vast expanse of universe.

Fall in love with yourself :)

Because there is nobody out there who is like you - and there are millions of people. You are you - unique, beautiful and lovable in your own way :) Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth. Because you are fantastic and are capable. Because you deserve love, and the best of love. Because there is somebody out there who treasures the love you give, and will treat you like the precious doll that you are. Somebody who is just so so mesmerized to just be with you :) Somebody who'll love you - with all your history, lil quirks, major mistakes and all the flaws. Somebody that knows that you are imperfect, and still loves you because both your imperfectness are just so in sync :) Because every love story might not end in a marriage, but every marriage is a love story :) Because you are such a wonderful soul, so much capable of making this world a better place, one you at a time. Because every smile of yours brightens up the world, every tear saddens it. Because everybody is good by heart, and circumstances screw up. Because you are a lot more than what you think you are :)

Don't rush into love, because even in fairytales, the happily ever after is in the last page :)

And guess what? Life is a fairytale :)

*sweet sigh*

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  1. Perfection! You got that right.
    *No looking back
    *Get back to the child in you
    *Dream big and have a serious goal that you are passionate about
    *You are the BEST :)
    what a wonderful post

  2. hmm

    well Nammu i kind of avoid these break up or sad related things!
    so had not read the first part....
    but one of my colleague passed the link to the first part... she made me read it... I was really dumbstruck...

    I personally have not faced the pain of break-up as such.... but had quite few ups n downs in my love life with parents...
    that is something sailing in two boats... anyways that's a history now.. glad finally our parents understood us...

    really loved both the posts...

    I always love the way you write..

    BTW madam its been ages you posted on Sincerely, Street Sassy...
    Waiting for the posts there too.. :D


    1. Oh I get the parent love life thingie, hi5 :D Thanks, I think :) Will update SSS maam, I need to put in lot time for that and I am waiting for dasara vacations.

      Thank you :)


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