Monday 21 October 2013

Aura Vedic Pure De-stressing Moisturizing Lotion Review

You know those days when your skin is behaving real well, like you know, no break outs, no new scars, no baby pimples - just happy skin? Sometimes I feel my skin is actually plotting something you know :O  Like its been too quiet for too long. Something is going on *scrunched face, suspicious*  *What? When I was a kid, when I was quiet for too long, my granny would come searching cuz she always thought I would be up to something :| But then most times I would just be sitting on my neighbor's German Shepherd pup pulling his tail and kissing his nose! Oh I miss that cutie!!* 

Anyway, so when my skin is being nice, I treat it with just moisturizer - no salicylic acid, not even sunscreen when I am home.

That is when I slather on Aura Vedic Pure De-stressing Moisturizing Lotion. It contains the goodness of Nutmeg and ylang ylang. It claims to smoothen, heal and replenish stressed skin.

And also,

'Packed with pure plant ingredients this super-lightweight moisturizing lotion actively energizes and revitalizes skin and helps fight the ageing effects of environmental aggressions with its anti-oxidant-rich formula.Soothes skin and boosts skin's moisture levels by simultaneously replenishing both oil and water requirements.

Free of parabens, SLS, harmful chemicals and colors.

Usage instructions: Gently massage onto face and neck until completely and thoroughly absorbed. Use 2-3 times daily.

Kokum butter, mango butter, beeswax, sunflower, aloevera extract, ylang ylang oil, orange oil, nutmeg oil, jojoba oil, Olivem 100, oil wax, purified water, phenoxyethanol.

Cost: Rs.200/- for 100 ml

Shelf life: 2 years

So, this lotion comes in a pump container and dispenses enough quantity to cover half face at once :P Okay, so you pump it out twice for full face.

This quantity is enough for my whole face :)

Its white in color and take hardly any time to get absorbed, I like that. It doesnt sit on my staring at me like it will give me acne. Thumbs up.

It smells herbal - like really herbal. It will stay for a while.

My T zone gets oily after like an hour of application. Not like overly oily, but yes, enough to irritate me so I blot it away.

It keeps my face moisturized in a non greasy way and I love that! This winter I am definitely liking it, its perfect for my cranky good boy good girl skin. As such I don't have dry skin trouble, but winters make my skin a little patchy which leads to extra oiliness. This lotions handle that well.

All in all, its a decent lotion for the price, a little goes a long way.

Lets quickly sum up the pros and cons:

Oh yea, it stings if applied right after threading. Ouch.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, if you are oily skinned and need a good lotion. No if you have dry skin, cuz it is definitely not enough moisture IMO.

Okay so thoughts?

PS: The weather here has been very unpredictable. One moment its sunny and happy, other moment its raining and gloomy.

PPS: That is my excuse for the lack of product reviews. I am awesome, aren't I?

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