Friday 27 September 2013

Fitness Friday!

So there is this subject I have, its called Computer Graphics. We are still learning the basics - you know like to code to obtain a single line, split a polygon and stuff. One of my favorite lecturers handles it, and its always fun :D The other day he was explaining the concepts of pixel quality and resolution of images and he goes like,

"Lets say, there is this function at Namitha's place and she is wearing saree. She has to send her pictures to her friends, lets say some special friend, you know, personal pictures... ;)"  It was a pain to convince him that there is no special friend though, if you know what I mean -_-

Anyho, I half zoned out of the class when he mentioned  saree :P Remember my obsession with Meenamma, don't you? To be honest, that is the sole inspiration for me to work out -_- The fact that I get to eat what I want to, and wear what I want to, is such a bliss in itself :D This girl is inspired easy, but for those of you that need fitness inspiration, here you go ;)

PS: Thank you so so very much for all the comments and mails, I am overwhelmed at the number of people that are so concerned :') My internals will be happening soon, I shall personally reply to all mails and comments in a couple of days. Oh, and sucky BSNL! :\

Here is the much awaited inspiration! :)

*this, my friend, feels oh-so-great!*


Image source: Pinterest

*This is a scheduled post. Right after hitting publish, I am going to work out :D Did you workout today? If not, NOW! To the GYM! *MeanJillainFaceHere*

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  1. Nice to see a fitness post on you blog after a long gap :P

  2. Nams, you are such an inspiration to everyone!! Everytime I see your fitness post, I am reminded to just live and have fun :) God bless you

    1. CC! Thank you so much, you are unbelievably sweet! :* <3


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