Wednesday 14 August 2013

The Bangalore Central Sale

When you have XX chromosomes, you come with added features. One of such features is the automatic inclination for sales. I, for one, come with enhanced feature here ;)

So when I was invited to check out the Ladies Special Preview Sale for women at Bangalore Central, I was more than delighted.

Reaching the Bangalore Central, I felt euphoric and no, that's not an exagerration.

You load piles and piles of fabulous clothes - pants, tops, kurtis, sarees, jeans and shorts, dozens together of pairs of shoes - heels, peep toes, wedges, ballerinas and fantastic flats, accessories and more clothes, you have definitely found a girl's weak point.

As I scanned Bangalore Central inch by inch, I was cooing and aaahing now and then, amusing the store assistants :P Here are the photos.

Such a fab collection of bags! 

Could they get any cuter?! 

Tops, kurtis and more! 

Hello jeans! :)

Huge array of accessories! 

One of my personal favorites! 

Animal print anyone? ;) 

Vero Moda with its lovely collection! 

Oh Forever New, why are thou so wonderful?! 

And more bags!Aren't those fabulous clutches so fantastic?! 

I came out making a mental list in my head and bought some lovely tops too ;) 

What do you think of the collection guys? :)

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