Tuesday 13 August 2013


"Hello? Sweetie you okay?", she panicked over phone.

"No I am not Suha!", I bawled on the other side. 

"OMG what happened Nam? Its 1 AM! Weren't you supposed to fall asleep half hour ago after saying good night to me? Poor baby! You fell into loops of thoughts again didn't you?"  

I was positive that she was glaring at me through the cell phone.

"I..I don't know. I feel so bad. My chest hurts", I wept. 

"Listen, it's okay. It's human and it's okay. Cry it away now and remember what I told you. You want me to repeat?", she consoled.

"No, you go sleep. I'll be okay", I sniffed.

"Ya right! If crying for another two hours is being okay", she chided.

And then she took it upon herself to mend my broken heart. She is my best friend. Suha.

There are people that tell you what you want to hear. There are people that give you a lot of advice. Some practical, some not-so. And then there are people who tell you what exactly you want to hear and also make you do the right thing. Such people are what blessings in disguise. 
That blessing to me, is my bestie.

She is of my age, but definitely has hundred times more of a maturity than I do. A sister to two kids, and a loving daughter, she is perfection personified. Towering over me at a height of 5' 6'', she is always impeccably dressed. In the multitude of beautiful chudidhars and jootis, she is forever obsessing over bows and hearts. My first impression of her was 'Okay. Super sappy die hard romantic girl. Definitely over thinker' and boy, was I proved wrong ;)

If I could call somebody my pillar of strength, it is her. Dependable and trust worthy, I know she will be there for me through every phase of my life. 

I could go on and on and write another three blog posts on her, but I'll stop here and write a prose poem instead.

She knows you like a book. She knows your dirtiest secrets. She will stand by you by them all. She won't tell you 'You are right' when you are wrong, but she will definitely still stand by you through all the wrongs  She will gush over your butterflies, she will smile at your lil stories. She will tell you hers and giggle like a small kid. You don't have to be in contact with her to be connected. You don't have to meet her every day, nor do you have to spam each other's walls  When you meet her after several weeks, the hugs still hold the same warmth, she will still repair your heart the same way she did several weeks ago, and check for new cracks if any. She might as well check for old band aids and replace them. She will laugh with you, she will wipe your tears away. She will warn you about him too And when she leaves for the day, she will take a part of you away, and all you will cherish is the twinkle in her eyes, for your bestie is the sister He forgot to give you  You can't fight with her for too long because you have important things to tell her!   And I have found my 'she'  

And she of course, is my Mia woman :) A complete package of beauty, smartness, fun, oodles of energy and lot of love! She is my reflection, filling up my imperfections :) And she definitely does a fabulous work of being a full time best friend, mending hearts and bringing smiles :)

Watch the lovely video here:

PS: This is a contest entry to Mia Tanishq, a range for today's woman - elegant and classy, just like her.I have always loved the rings in particular :) 

This is one of my favorites! :)

Who is the Mia woman in your life? :)

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  1. U r so blessed that the purity of such a beautiful relation you have got in your life. May you shine forever like the Tanishq :)


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