Monday 22 July 2013

My experience at the Lakme Salon - Hair Extensions and Nail Art!

Warning: Picture heavy post!

This post was supposed to be up a couple of days ago. But I was so crazily excited that I WAS TYPING LIKE THIS AND USING LOT OF EXCLAMATIONS MARKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! AND LOT OF SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

It took me close to four days to calm down :P

Okay so this is what happened. Because monsoons are here, Lakme Salon is offering fabulous hair extensions and nail art services. When they contacted me asking me if I would like to try the services, I promptly jumped in - what with my streaks fading out and my nails in a very bad condition -_-

I reached the Lakme Salon in Cunnigham Road, Bangalore for hair extensions and nail art. I love having colors in my hair, but getting a streak three months ago did mess up my hair. The texture is rougher than the rest of the hair and I do find that section drier and more prone to split ends. But I still love all the color! So hair extensions are the way to go. Mr.Abdul handled my hair - it was washed and blow dried. As he suggested, I got a blue extension and a purple one at the nape, and another purple right in my fringe :D He insisted I go for a red one, but  I wasn't sure of how well I would carry it off :D

Here are some pictures of me in the salon and the salon! :D

Right after my hair wash :D 

Look at my hair, just look at it! Hair, why you no so well behaved every day? :( 

And more happy hair ^_^ that's Mr.Abdul in the background :D

I spotted Moroccan Oil here, voila!

The extensions - blue, red and purple!

The Nail Art corner

The staff, sweetest ever :) 

Here are some FAQ and answers:

1. Are hair extensions safe?
Yes, they are. They won't harm your hair like coloring does.

2. How long will they stay?
Approximately for 3-4 months, and no. They won't fall off. You have to be a little careful while combing though, you don't want to hurt yourself.

3. Will the color fade?
Nope, it won't.

4. Will I have to blow dry every time to set them?
Nope. I myself don't like using heat on my hair. After getting the extensions, I have washed my hair twice and let them air dry. These extensions are still the same - aligned and blended with my natural hair texture.

5. Can I oil my hair? Get the hair spas done?
Yes, maam. By all means :)

6. Can I continue using my regular hair products?
Yes. There is no need for any extra care.

7. Can I remove these on my own?
Yes, you can. They are clipped to the hair and can easily be unclipped. It's a simple twist mechanism so you can remove and wear them at your convenience.

8. How much do they cost?
Each extension costs Rs.1000/-  I suggest you get your hair washed and blow dried while you get these done. The salon like perfect hair is a pampering in itself ;)

My nail art was done by Ms.Mary. My nails were in such a sorry state - all possible lengths and widths for the ten fingers :D She was sweet enough giving them a good manicure followed by a very pretty leopard print nail art. They have a fab collection of nail paints, nail art pens, stick ons and other nail art materials.

The staff is courteous and friendly. By the time I left, I was at so much ease :D Here is a pretty collage *read self obsessed one* I clicked ;) the wind in my hair made my go crazy with the camera.

And a proper pikcha!

I had a lovely day at the salon you guys! Definitely give a try and add some colors to the fabulous monsoons! You can find more info here.

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PS: The service was provided by the brand.

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  1. whoa! you look rocking Namitha!!!! and the nail art!!! Sighhhh the nail art... ♥

  2. I too need hair extensions...!

  3. this salon u visited is in which place i mean in which city

  4. are the morroccon oil available in all lakme salons....

    1. I guess so Swapna, you can call them and confirm :)

  5. nice pics... and i love the highlights ...... <3


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