Friday 7 June 2013


It had been two months. She felt the color back in her cheeks after several weeks, when she saw him after so long. The huge grin on his face was instantly infectious. The ever-so-familiar 'him' smell was her tranquilizer. They were walking together after so long and yet, the steps were synchronizing like a perfectly practiced ramp walk. Millions of untold stories, some funny, some not so funny. The sound of his laughter calmed down her soul, and he, felt belonged. There was nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be sugar coated. Words came straight out from the heart, and went straight into the other. All she was longing was for one touch of his, but hey, who was she to claim the taken? All she wanted was to be read, for he knew her like an open book.
And he, was busy collecting the thoughts that were continuously getting scattered all over her eyes, and lips,  over and over again.

Every time he leaned in, her heart quickened, and the next moment her brain warned her, she didn't want to lose the one bond she wanted to cherish for forever and forever after. Every time her skin grazed against his, he gathered himself, for the fear of  losing her was greater than every thing else ever spoken of.

He walked her back home, and she avoided looking him in the eye, for she was scared of falling for him all over again, when he wasn't sure of catching her yet.

And that night, she found the twinkle back in her eye, right where he had put it.
And his guitar was now perfectly tuned.

The Irony of life laughed in their faces.

She sat by the window, waiting for the torturous hours to go by. He lay on his bed, torn between his mind and his heart and the rules of the stupid world.

There they were, under the same sky and different roofs, wishing on different stars for the same wish.

All after two months.

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