Thursday 6 June 2013

Quick Me

Hey you guys :D

How you been? Yea, I disappeared like always and no, I am still not guilty.

I am at my aunt's house, yea yea, the best friend one ;) I am involved in the making of this crazy adorable pre-school for kids *obviously* and boy, the overdose of cuteness has gotten into me -_-

Well there was this kid, 3 year old.

Me: Hey shweetie, what's your name? :)
He: Kiss
Me: Aaww!*kissed him on his cheek*
He made a face.
Me: Okay tell me your name now?
He: Kiss
Me: Aaawwwwhh! *kissed other cheek*
He made another face.
Me: Arre what's your name tell please?

His granny: His name is Krish!

See? Life has gotten an overdose of cuteness!

I am sorting legos, piling wooden slates, color co-coordinating cushions with benches, explaining why a part of my hair is red, why water can't replace petrol, what is inside the laptop that does 1+2+3 Oh dear God! I could die ^_^ I love kids, you know ;) Oh and wiping excess chocolate off those tiny lips. *heart melt*

I shall update you guys with pictures soon :) Its called Mud Pie International by the way, and is located in Banaswadi. Incase anybody is interested, send me a mail across at

I have scheduled some interesting posts for you ;)

So miss me until I settle down :)

Aawwww, I'll miss you too ^_^

And my 'cuuuuute nosh' will miss you too :P

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  1. Aww, looks like someone is having a great time! I loveee kids too :D Cant wait to see the photos you have got for us!


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