Friday 31 May 2013

Maybelline High Shine Colorsensational Lip Gloss in One Shine Day

When the morning Sun lit her face through the glistening window, she opened her eyes after a good night's sleep. She smiled as she woke up, and the first thing she spotted was the gorgeous, gorgeous tube on her dressing table. A curious look on her face for a second, it dawned on to her. "Yes, it's the same pretty thing", she told herself. Getting off her bed, she walked to the dressing table, and took the tube full of gorgeousness in her hand. "Today you'll be on me, baby. Wait till I freshen up, I can't wait to feel you on me"
......and thus 168 pictures were clicked.

Truly, you guys. I clicked 168 freakin' pictures wearing this. Pose - Pout - Click - Smile - Click - Make Typical Duck Face - Click - Serious Face - Click - Giggle - Click - EveryPossibleTypicalBeautyBlogger Face - Click.
And then I realized
1. I can't pout. Period.
2. I can't do EveryPossibleTypicalBeautyBlogger Face
3. I am absolutely in love with this crazy awesome lipgloss.

Gorgeous, inni't? 

Let's start with the review already.

*The story above, it's true. The girl? Yup. Me*

Cost: Rs.350/- for 5 ml

Okay. So the Maybelline High Shine Colorsensational Lipgloss comes in a standard lipgloss packaging with an applicator that's slightly bent. Travel friendly - it went to Brigade Road and got drenched with me, no leakage. Thumbs Up.

The shade I got is called One Shine Day. How pretty a name, right? The color is equally pretty too. It's a pink that goes sheer on one swipe and opaque on two solid swipes. It has very fine shimmer, and no, it ain't gritty. You won't feel a thing on the lips. Initially it's a lil sticky and smells like ice candies :D Boy, how I love that smell ^_^ You know those ice candies that you get street side, that involves pricking little hole in the plastic and sucking in? That kind! Brings back such fond summer memories. I could drink this tube, thanks to the smell.

The gloss stayed on me for 3 hours with my lips involved in devouring a brownie + vanilla scoop and a mug of hot chocolate. By the end, there was this nice faded tint that was still pink. Winner.

Swatches? here :D

*I will update with a full face picture soon, my dark circles are reaching my cheeks these days, even with 10 hour sleep. Hmph! :@ *

Let's list the pros and cons now?


1. Such pretty range of colors! You should definitely check out the other shades, they are gorgeous.
2. Pigmentation is pretty darn good - though I would say it's very sheer on first swipe.
3. Affordable.
4. Smells so good, so edible.
5. Doesn't dry lips.


1. People who don't like ice candies won't like this, though the smell ain't very strong.

This is probably one product that I have looked on with dreamy eyes and fallen so much in love with. If it were a guy, I would be married to it him by now.

I will give it a 5/5, really.

GO get it girls, it's worth all the hype.

And you can find more information here.
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PS: The product has been sent by the PR for review purpose. It honestly hasn't affected my opinion, you know me. Hand on heart. 


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