Monday 15 April 2013

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in Teal Blue : Review, Swatch and FOTD

*Knock knock* :D Guess who is back? Okay! I had told in the last post already? :P Well, my exams are still happening, but I had to post this special post so here I am :) I'll finish with the review and then tell you a little something ;)

Okay so when Maybelline sent me this tiny bottle of liquid, I was honestly screaming at the color. Boy, it surely didn't look wearable enough. And then a creative force took over me and here is my best one for a eye liner, I think. Let me know ;)

This cutesy thing costs Rs.350/- for 3g and is available in three shades:

1. Tangerine Orange
3.Teal blue

I received the teal blue one for review purposes :) The product claims:

It’s hot off the runway... and guess what? It’s easy to wear every day.

  • Intense Color with high shine finish
  • Easy to apply. Gives complete control for sleek or think bold line
  • 24HR wear. Smudge proof formula
  • Bright POP Colors

Here you go ;)

The liner comes in a sleek black bottle with a screw lid. The brush is thin and long and is easy to apply. The teal blue looks neon in the bottle but on the eyes it goes metallic. 
The pigmentation is extreme, I tell ya. One swipe and you are good to go. It dries quickly and doesn't stain the upper lids. If you are like me, constantly batting eye lids, then worry not my friend, for this shall not make you a weirdo that colors under eye brows :D ;)

*Boy, I do wink a lot, its creepy! Don't I? ;)* *There I go again ;)*

By itself, it gives a very party appropriate look. I would personally layer it above a line of black liner. *I actually did that too, but the lighting was not enough for a picture *puppy face**

Is it waterproof? 
Hell ya! 

Is it fun to remove it?
Yes yes yes! I forgot it was waterproof and splashed some water and tried rubbing it off and what came into my hand? A nice, thin thread of teal ^_^ No mess, no straining. *But do not try this at home. I was crazy harsh on my eyes and the face wash got in and my eyes stung and argh! :@*
Good sense prevailed on me and I used a makeup remover the next time and it came off like a dream. 
Staying power is decent enough. My eye lids aren't really oily, and it stayed on for like 6 hours through sun light and sweat. 

Lets see some pretty pictures now shall we? ;)

*You are not allowed to get scared here :\ I was trying to get you the most perfect swatch. Hmph! :@*

The brush is sleek and helps get a neat, nice line :) 

*taps her one back over photography skills ;)*

Formal swatch :D

*Cough* Okay, here is my best self clicked picture evah! :) 

You guys liked? Let me know! :) 

Here are the pros and cons IMO! 

Pros! :)

1. Pop of color, likey!
2. Staying power
3. Waterproof
4. A lot of creative options - layering with other colors will make it look fabulous :)
5. Affordable
6. Dries super fast
7. Intense pigmentation

Cons! :(

1. Umm nothing really though, the pop of color might not the easy for everybody to carry. So, just check if you can handle it before you settle for a shade. But summer is all about flaunting, so yea, go flaunt that color! :)

My rating? 4/5 

So here comes the interesting part ;) What's up with me yea? Well, I have been good :) I have lost a solid 5 kgs over two weeks, and I am reconnecting with my self. I have realized one thing - if things are meant to be, they will be. We are all responsible for our lives and happiness. Life is beautiful, and has a way with us. It always gives the test first, and then teaches you. We all make mistakes, and we learn from mistakes. 

So yea, that is it :) I am still in a dilemma over how frequently I will blog, so when I am around, catch me ;) I am never gonna stop blogging though, mark it somewhere ;) 

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  1. Pretty!I would love to get the Tangerine shade...

  2. loved ur review Namitha :) n really these shades cant b carried by everyone but ur doing a fab job :)
    n u ok? u sound sad in the last few lines! tc :*

    1. Thank you Poorva :) Oh I do have lil trouble carrying it all by itself ;) i am doing great, thank you :* :) you are a doll :)

  3. i'm yet to try one namitha :) good on yu...

    1. Thank you Gowthami :) Sure, let me know when you try and how you like it :)

  4. Ya..except khakhi both shades are bright..but looks nice on u..5 kgs in 2 weeks :o how ? JM 30 day shred again ?

    1. I am yet to check Bhumika, thank you :* Umm ya, I finished all the three levels :D Planning to do Ripped in 30 next! :) Diet + workout = weight loss :)

  5. OMG u back :)
    am soo happy to see ur post :)
    well the color is looking great on you :) though i feel it doesn't suits me :P
    are you kidding me????? 5kgs in 2weeks????
    lady gimme tips too :P i have been super lazy and haven't worked out properly since 1months :( :'(

    Rajani <3

  6. Rajani :) Thank you so much, your comment made me smile :)
    Ow I am sure you can make it work, do try layering, start off with very thin lines :)
    Workout and diet, no magic pill :D And believe in yourself that you can do :) Good luck :)



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