Sunday 3 March 2013

Cosmedic Active Body Wash Review

I sometimes don't like shopping in a hurry. I see something and I am like, "Boy, how did I survive without this?!" and then I take it home and I think, "Wait, why did I buy this?!" >< And thanks to this, now I own over 6 body washes. Cosmedic Active Body Wash being the special one, 'cuz yes, my friend, this fellow helps handle body acne or bacne.

As a teenager, the onset of acne brought with the bacne. Though I don't suffer with it anymore, they do show their presence if the weather gets too hot. 

PS: I used this as a face wash too ;)

So lets get on to the review already.

Cosmedic is the latest sensation in the skin care world. Created by a team of doctors, you can trust your skin with them. Find more about them here

What are the claims you say?

"Triple action body wash combines our proprietary SaliQ complex with purifying Triclosan to synergistically cleanse, treat and improve the appearance of body acne, heat rashes and folliculitis"

Our triple action body cleanser is the first body wash in India that simultaneously cleanses, treats and improves the appearance of body acne, heat rashes and folliculitis. Proprietary Sali-Q complex delivering 2% bio-active Salicylic Acid is biologically recombined with purifying Triclosan and moisturising actives for truly rapid results without irritation or dryness.

Hypoallergenic - Non-Comedogenic - Oil-Free - Non-Drying - Skin-Safe pH

Acne, folliculitis, miliaria
  • The first and only available pH balanced body wash that treats folliculitis, acne and milia.
  • Proprietary SaliQ complex prevents irritation by rebuilding the skin barrier.
  • Effective adjunct for patients with bodily acne.
  • Can be used in patients on concurrent medical therapy for even better results.

Directions for use:

Gently massage body wash onto damp skin for a rich lather, then rinse. Use twice a day.

Ingredient list: Sali-Q complex with 2% Salicylic Acid, Triclosan 0.1%

Store product in a dark cool place. For external use only.

Cost: rs.400/- for 100 ml. You can buy it from here

The Active Body Wash from Cosmedic comes in a green bottle with a white pump dispenser. Its travel friendly as the lock is secure and doesn't spill. 

The body wash is very pale green in color and smells a pretty strong medicine-like but soothing smell. It doesn't hurt sensitive nose, tried and tested ;) Its runny and foams decent. 

So does it do what it claims? 

Yes, it does. It does help control acne and doesn't dry skin. Its mild on skin and I didn't experience any sort of irritation or burning. If you have severe acne, then you'll need extra medication to combat it. But if you experience mild/moderate acne, this body wash is lovely! 

The pros:

  • It does dry out tiny pimples and acne.
  • Soothes skin
  • Non-drying on oily skin. Dry skinned girls, give me your inputs ;)

And the cons:

  • Its a little expensive. 
  • Doesn't prevent acne, though it doesn't claim to prevent acne.

My rating?

Do I recommend it? 
Yea, if you suffer from mild acne and need a good wash that won't dry your skin. 

PS: The product has been sent by the PR for review purposes. My opinions are honest, hand on heart.

Have you used it? Let me know your thoughts! :)
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