Sunday 17 February 2013

Product Launch| Beautiful hair even at the ends now with ‘New Dove Split Ends Rescue System’

Beautiful hair even at the ends now with ‘New Dove Split Ends Rescue System’

One of its kind range specially formulated to help bring split ends together

Bangalore, February 11, 2013: Every woman dreams of beautiful, gorgeous hair and while we do everything to keep it nourished, the ends sometimes tell a different story. Damaged hair or rough ends can lead to split-ends and is one of the most common problems that Indian women experience. Excessive combing, styling and daily exposure to environmental factors can leave hair at the tips feeling dry and brittle.

As hair grows, the natural protective oils of the scalp fail to reach the hair ends. Hence, they may appear thicker at the crown as compared to the tips. As the length of your hair increases, the tips of your hair become more prone to damaged. This along with exposure to the sun and excessive heat from hair dryers and hot irons can result in dry, brittle ends which are prone to splitting. Everyday damage causes splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft leading hair fibers to split into two or three strands and go up to two to three centimeters in length. Result, you may love having long tresses but, split-ends keep you from following your heart.

When your hair splits up at the ends, the first thought that comes to your mind is to get a haircut or even manually splitting hair to get rid of the problem. Some of us hide it behind a bun or curl our hair inwards and maybe even hide it behind a stunning hair clip. But we know these tricks don't really work on the problem of split ends.

Talking about split ends, Dr. Rohini Wadhwani, Medical Director, Skin Essentials said “Excessive use of heat or chemical treatments may strip hair of its protective layer resulting in weak and damaged hair that is vulnerable to split ends. To prevent hair from getting damaged women need to opt for a solution that offers them ProMend or Fiber active rich products that will mend the hair shafts together and protect hair from further damage.”

To address this common hair concern among women, Dove introduces the new Split End Rescue System, with moisturizing milk that nourishes your hair giving you up to 4x lesser split ends. The breakthrough split-end technology with Fiber active helps bring your split ends together.

While ordinary conditioners assure repair, they only coat the surface of the hair shaft and do not penetrate deeper to restore the hair tips. The Dove Damage Solutions range is specially formulated to mend split ends and give you truly beautiful hair from root to tip that allows you to grow your hair at the desired length and try different braiding styles this season. This one of its kind range of shampoo and conditioner repairs split ends ensuring that hair looks beautiful till the ends and letting you opt for a slew of different braid styles from the simple French fishbone braid to the elegant strand braid with a touch of diamanté to perfect the look.

Dove Split Ends Rescue System range ensures your hair is beautiful from end to end. Now no more split ends…just beautiful hair!

It’s Always a Beautiful Ending with Dove!

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