Wednesday 13 February 2013

My Experience at The Kaya Skin Bar

*Happpy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in advance...... Happpy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in advance...Haappy Birthday happy birthd..* Oh hi! :D As it is obvious, yours truly's birthday is tomorrow and boy, am I excited or am I excited? Well a part of me is sad, you know, no more teen and all, but I am happy too! I can be twenty something for 10 more years ;) *continues Happy Birthday song in background*

Okay so right now that my skin is behaving, I am pampering it ;) Last week, I was given a sweet opportunity to check out The Kaya Skin Bar at the Orion Mall, Yeshwantpur. The Kaya Skin Bar is the latest initiative of the very well known Kaya Skin Clinic. Its a smaller, cuter version of the sophisticated Kaya skin clinics and offers skincare, hair care and the product of their range. I reached around 11 30 AM and the staff were very cordial and receptive. The ambiance is calming and clean and the products are well displayed with good lighting. After exchanging pleasantries, we proceeded to the digital skin analysis machine. This exclusive skin imaging consultation involves thorough analysis of skin with respect to :

  • Texture
  • Pigmentation
  • Luminosity
  • Elasticity
  • Moisture

The machine takes three photographs of the face and skin, and after a series of questions, the results are shown.

I had a low content of moisture which in fact surprised me! I mean we all think moisturizer is enough right? Wrong. Apparently, my water intake is low and has to be increased for happy skin. *shakes head*

The texture was uneven thanks to acne scars but thank the Lord for the inner layers are still safe from scarring. No pigmentation, good elasticity was obvious :) The luminosity (glow) was a wee bit low 'cuz of scarring and tanning.

After this analysis they gave me a personalized report of what my skin requires - their acne control range which includes a face wash, a toner, a nourisher, spot reduction thingie and a sunscreen. I was also briefed through their various product ranges :)

Here are some pictures for you!

The analyzer

The products

Products for Men

Acne control System

The products demo

Can you spot the questions? ;)

The hair and body section

The Pamper Section. Well, here is where the treatments happen. 

The staff :) The ladies in the middle are the ones that attended me. Ms. Esha and Ms. Ranjitha, if you are reading this, thank you :) All of you were great! 

The skin care daily essentials

More of the products

After this, I was taken inside to give me the Clear Fresh Oil Control service . And boy, trust me when I say it was the best pampering I have ever undergone. This treatment aims at reducing the oil and sebum in the skin and also a face clean up with comedone extraction.

First off, they made me super comfortable ^_^ Cleansing the face was followed by vanilla scrub. After this, all the white heads and grim from my face was extracted and then the comedone extraction followed. Here, they applied a serum to my face and gave me a very nice massage with rollers. A fusion of water + air = a cool blast of air was used to infuse moisture to my skin. Boy, my skin peeled and peeled and peeled, can't believe the amount of dead cells in my skin :o This was followed by a nice, relaxing peel off mask of tea tree oil post which moisturizer, toner, nourisher and sunscreen followed. Trust me when I say my skin felt clean and fresh from the inside.

I absolutely loved the whole process. The staff is super sweet and considerate. I have a very fast reflex and I kept flinching every time the cold air blast was on my face :P I also got cold and the SA that was treating me promptly switched the AC off. *hides face* They made sure I was comfortable all through and answered my numerous  never ending questions.
I now know the power of a clean up and facial. Really.

Results? I didn't see any immediate results but well, the next day was truly magical. I could see there were no new pimples, the old ones had dried and gone away without any scarring. There was not much visible effect on scars, but well, the treatment is to reduce oil to prevent acne. A minimum of 4 sittings is required for perfect results.

Do I recommend this? Totally! At 3000 INR,  it surely is a worthy splurge. I am de-tanned, getting lesser pimples and my skin is healthy over all :) If you suffer from acne, pigmentation, dry skin, hair problems,head over to Kaya. They know what they do, and do it the best!

For more information, you can contact them here.

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PS: This was a complimentary service for review purpose. 


  1. Great review of the place. And HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAy!! Have a blast. twenties is to have fun and enjoy the world with unabandoned care ;)

  2. Happy Birthday dear...I have always felt that Kaya is a lil overpriced...

    1. Thank you Opal, I used to feel the same until I went through the treatment :) Its worth it :)

  3. great Review Nammi... :)
    wishinggg youu aaa veryyyyyy HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY sweetheart.! <3
    have a blast...
    welcome to the land of twentiessssssssss :D

  4. Hey haaaaaaappppyyyy haaaaappppyyyy birthday! <3
    I'm entering the 20s bracket in a few months too but with mixed emotions :D. I hadn't heard of their skin bar before though.. Will definitely check it out when I go that side :)

    1. Thank you Neha! :) Oh, its not that bad ;) Sure do check them out sweetie :)


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