Monday 7 January 2013

Star Watch at Zee Cine Awards 2013

Bollywood! I have a love hate relationship with it. While I hate the more-than-annoying and lame story lines, *I am looking at you, Student Of the Year. I can't believe I wasted precious 3 hours of mine on this damned movie. I mean hello, Sanity :) * I can't seem to get over the ladies that rule Bollywood. The recent Zee Cine Awards 2013, we saw some yays and some nays. What is it for you? 

Esha Gupta in a white Dior dress. I think she looks very sharp. Like razor sharp. The dress does a good job bringing out her toned body and I quite like the lovely detailing on the front. 

Genelia D Souza in a black Neeta Lulla outfit. I somehow don't really like it. The crazy mascular pants (?!), and the dull gold spoil it for me. She looks more like Mrs. Shaktimaan  :o I mean, what's with the cape from the waist down and tacky corset under sheer? She also looks tired and ill. Umm hello, puffy eyes :o Looks like somebody isn't getting enough sleep these days nights. 

Yami Gautam in a black Roberto Cavalli gown. She looks absolutely stunning in that sexy thing. I like how the cleavage isn't tacky and there are no accessories except for that darn big statement ring and shiny earrings. You go girl! 

Our favourite yummy mummy Sridevi and Huma Qureshi in Sabyasaachi sarees. I definitely like them both. Do you also want to steal Sridevi's clutch? And who else confused Huma's hair on her blouse to a big, flowery broach? :D

Sonali Bendre, Gracy Singh and Lucky Morani in beautiful sarees. Though I still have second thoughts about Gracy Singh's saree. Who else loves Lucky Morani's blouse? So feminine, so ethereal ^_^ That is a very pretty green that Sonali is sporting. I might as well pick a green and golden combination for this year's Ethnic Day ;)

Sophie Choudry in a Falguni and Shane blue gown. The blue should have been, umm, bluer. I don't quite like the dress. It has no structure what so ever and she looks like a pillar. A pillar with good hair style. I like her 'belt' though. Very princessy. 

Okay. Lets all pretend like Karishma wasn't present at the ceremony. I mean WTF?! What on Mother Earth is she wearing?! Is it a curtain? A table cloth? And what IS that material? :o And the awkward pose? Vampire lips? Pulled back hair? Whooaa! Its an absolute disaster. Be rest assured, Karishma, this photo of yours WILL make it to Top Worst Dressed 2013. 
Oh for those of you that want to know, its a Dior friggin' dress and a Corto Moltedo friggin' clutch.
And those earrings are from friggin' Gehna.

Ileana D' Cruz in a black Dior gown. The Barfi! girl looks fantastic, like a Greek Goddess. Her hair in a pretty little side chignon adds to her charm. Oh and look, coral red lips! 

Deepika Padukone in a Naeem Khan resort 2013 gown. I quite like it. She looks classy and elegant. Karishma, this is how you do dark lips. And nails. Thumbs up!

Shazahn Padamsee in a purple gown by Jatin Verma. I am drooling here, really. Its purple, its got sequins, interesting arrangement of beads right around her curves emphasizing them and the fish tail at the bottom. I like how she has used minimum accessories - silver arm candy, a pair of chandeliers and a lovely clutch. What is more interesting?

Oooo la la! Anybody else with a girl crush on Padamsee's back? 

Malaika Arora Khan in an Alice + Olivia Corinne embellished one shoulder party dress! Mrs. Khan, you'll always have me in your list of admirers. I am astonished at how well she carries almost every freakin' thing she wears! Love! Brownie points for that lovely braid and gorgeous arm candies. I just wish she had chosen better shoes. Those black ones just don't fit in our fairy land.

Almost all the ladies are flaunting dark lips and interesting hair styles. Most of them have a statement ring on. I haven't found bad makeup yet :P Lets hope there are none ;) No boring open hair pulled to a side. My favorites have to be Malaika, Shazahn and Yami. 

What do you think? ;)

PS: The pictures have all been taken from I don't claim any ownership of the pictures. If anybody has a problem with them, please mail me and I shall put them down. I intend no copyright infringement. 

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  1. I like such posts :)
    my fav is yami gautam and Shazahn's back. hehehe

  2. Malaika Arora Khan rocks!

  3. My favorite is beats me how a 50 years can look like that.

  4. LOVED the post!! U are bang on and i loved malaika's outfit though how old is she again? Too barbie-ish for her wont u say?

    1. Thank you Lee! Umm may be, but I love how she carries it :D Yummy mummy! IMO, the barbie factor got lessened with the hair :D

  5. awesome post Nammi...
    loved Shridevi's saree.... also malaika's outfit :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oh hello, Name Sake! I already saw your comment, too bad you don't have balls to let it be here, I wouldn't have deleted it. You know what? Grow some guts and comment with a genuine profile, if you have one. Or better yet, get a blog, loser. I have had my share of hate comments. It makes me feel good to know a-holes like you are so concerned about me and my dressing. Why is that you little prick always get pricked when I post about clothes? Too bad you don't have the body to carry it all yeah? Just so you know, I don't give a rat's ass to you or mindfucked morons like you. Get a fuckin' life.

  7. Loved the post Nami <3
    Deepika is looking gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you Amee :) Totally, she looks like old Hollywood charm ^_^

  8. Thank you so much for your comments and compliments!

    Wow, the Bollywood ladies know how to dress. I am loving all these gowns. I can't decide which one is my favourite but I think Dior dressed them best though! (Karishma's dress was awful for an awards event but it would make a nice it's day dress for the office.) Great commentary on each outfit by the way xx


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