Wednesday 12 December 2012

Woopathon - Bangalore Fashion Bloggers Meet

Do you girls remember me gushing over how much fun Saturday was? No? Oh no, you don't follow me on Facebook then! *Okay, shameless self promotion over!*

The Bangalore Fashion Bloggers Meet, Woopathon in association with Avirate and The Leather Boutique happened on Saturday, and yours truly was on of the gorgeous *ahem* bloggers ;)

Spot me ;) 

Wooplr is a fantastic place where you share your awesome shopping finds - from shoes to designs, food and bags and clothes and everything else shoppable ;) Contact them here on Facebook to get an early invite :)

So the day started with me reaching The Avirate super early :D I wasn't a pint bored though. This fashion store at Indranagar is such a pretty sight! They have such a wonderful collection of shoes, accessories, dresses and lingerie. Be sure to check them out for some fabulous finds. Okay?

By 11, most of the ladies were there, Shalini of Stylish By Nature *InsertHeartHere*, the gorgeous Meghavarshini from Stilettos Diary, Pranita of Bindigasm, Tanusha of Fashion Surplus, Rhea Gupte of Fuss (how cute is that!), Ritu Arya of Razzle Dazzle Pickle, Ruhie from Republic of Chic, Smriti Rao of Vintage Obsession, Gia from A Dash Of Classic, Shruthi from My Sugarless Style and Anusha of Anusha Outfitter :D That must have been the prettiest list of prettier ladies of Bangalore now ;)

Manvi, I missed you so much :(  Oh check her out at Style Inked! :)

Once all the girls assembled, Tamannah Pasha was the icing on the cake! Being such a famous model and an actress, she was down to earth or what? I couldn't get over her simplicity and her makeup! *Sigh* She is such a pretty sight, agree? Isn't it a crime to be so lovely?

Ish Sagar and the entire Avirate team made our day! As we went around the store picking up things that called our names, I realized how much I love shopping. *Okay, we all do, but I love more, okay?. You should nod your head and say, "Yes, maam" here*

Check us out drooling over their collection in the pictures, of course ;)

Right after this, we were escorted to TLB - The Leather Boutique. Also situated in Indranagar, TLB has a wide variety of leather bags, wallets and more. If you are a leather person, you can find more of them here.

What followed was a crazy photo shoot with the funniest of props! Chammak Challo, Bitch Please, Drama Queen, Whatever! , Keep Calm and Strike a Pose. You name it, we had it 8)

By then, Mr.Tummy was showing his presence, so off we went to Medici. They serve the yummiest spinach tart, I tell ya! Add in some French, and some Italian and more dessert, you have found yourself a happy girl ;)

Here are some pictures, you can check out the rest on Wooplr's FB page. I probably can't upload 200+ images :D
PS: I don't know why in most pictures that are clicked, I look doped, not a clue. Trust me when I say all my LookAtMeIAmLaughing pictures are not there at all :D
PPS: I do prove me retardism here and there, watch out ;)
PPPS: I look extra pretty in this picture though, don'cha think? ;)

Incase you are wondering about my dress, its self designed :) I got it stitched :D I know I'll never bump into somebody wearing the same thing, evah ;) 

See? I told ya! 

This was probably the most fun blogger meet I have ever attended! The right mix of chic, fun and glamour :) I would like to thank Arjun, Praveen, Soumen and the entire team that worked for this :) Srinidhi and Ankit, thank you for the lovely pictures :) Also, Syma, the very pretty emcee was at her best! Thank you,Syma :)
*The part of Vote Of Thanks, I suck at it :D*

Hope you guys had total fun reading it :D *Ha! I am one awesome writer,know? ;)*

For more details, you can contact WooplrAvirate and TLB on the respective links.

So that is it for today. I have a BIG exam scheduled for Friday, so I'll go start studying now *sigh!* Meanwhile, you guys join the ongoing giveaways and wait, I might as well post another giveaway tonight ;) You never know ;)

Miss me.

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  1. You look super duper adorable !!! And you designed that ? were you not supposed to be designing networks and gates :)

    1. Thank you di :D Haha totally! I am supposed to be coding, but here I am designing! #FirstWorldProblems :D

  2. oooh i loved the post n u look superrrrrrrr pretty!!

  3. It was such a FUN Meet :) Love you sweets

  4. wow.... you look amazing....
    OMG you designed it.... super cool :D

  5. hahahaha I can stop laughing, you are so funny. awesome poses and you look like you had loads of fun ;)

  6. seems like u girls had alot of fun!!!

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  8. hi,
    this is saumya, an intern with Actimedia PR (Blore). I was wondering if you could provide me with your contact details as I wasnted to speak to you about the fashion bloggers meet in Bangalore.
    please reply asap.

    Best regards,

    1. Hey Saumya, you can mail me on Thank you!

  9. Looks like you had an eventful day girl !! I have recently stumbled across your blog and I have been loving it (read : a fan !!) Good luck for your exams !


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