Thursday 13 December 2012


She had always wanted this. The warmth, the glow and the sense of fulfillment. As she softened away his soft hair off his forehead, she couldn't help kiss him tender. He was precious.
She held him closer and pulled the duvet up till his neck.

He smiled in his sleep.

A tear of happiness escaped her eye and fell on her cheek.

Wiping it away, she clutched him closer.

He had become the reason of her existence.

The sole reason of her joy.

Her bundle of happiness.

PS: Yet another photo inspired piece :) I have an important exam tomorrow and I am supposed to studying hard, but this lil bundle of joy didn't let me. Sue him.

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  1. all the best for ur exam :)
    very well written :)

  2. nice one... :)
    All the best :)

  3. hey your blog is great i like the posts !! Maybe we follow each other!? If yes let me know, follow me & i´ll follow back :) Many greetings


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