Thursday 20 December 2012

Sonam Kapoor at Ferragamo Boutique

Do you guys like what Sonam is wearing? This is a picture of hers receiving those silver babies in Ferragamo Boutique, Mumbai. Apparently, during her recent trip to Italy, Sonam had visited the Ferragamo headquarters at Palazzo Spini Feroni and given her design preferences. And they sent across a customised one, just for her! Talk about being a star! 

I don't know how much I like what she is wearing though. That zipper ruined it for me. I would have liked it if there was a tie at the back may be, to hold the blouse in place.Other than that, I love her outfit, I think. Umm is that a churidhar pant under that thing which looks like a sari? I also see a sleek pallu hanging at the back. And I quite like the sling bag. Oh, that broach stole my heart! She looks like a modern princess, know? 

Let me know what you think :)

PS: The first picture has been taken from and the second one from here.  If anybody has a problem with it, please mail me at and I shall remove it. 

PPS: Who else is lusting after those shoes? ^_^ 

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  1. Very beautifull :D

    BTW i have a new post on my blog hope you'll like it :D

  2. Confusing dress! But its Sonam, I love her!

    1. Haha :D I somewhere like it :D Except the blouse like thing :O

  3. i didnt like her choice of dress somehow.. her blouse is overdone.. of all a zipper??!!

    she is not attending some sangeet for those silk & kalamkari :D

    btw... i too happened to post on this in my blog today.. same pinch gal.. :D

    1. Oh yea, I don't like the zipper too :D

      But Sonam is one diva who can carry almost everything. She doesn't look bad here, she is carrying it with oomph! :) I can't think of anybody else doing this better!

      Haha hi5 on that! :D

      thank you for the lovely comment HnB :)

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