Monday 24 December 2012

Proline launches the ‘British Motors Heritage’

Press Release

‘British Motors Heritage’ launches merchandise in India

Proline launches the ‘British Motors Heritage’ merchandise in India in association with

Bangalore 24th December 2012: ‘British Motors Heritage’, home to the world's largest collection of
classic British cars launches merchandise in India with Proline, the original Indian t-shirt brand.
The collection is available exclusively on Flipkart.

Proline will offer its customers vintage designs and logos of British Motors Heritage at affordable

prices. This collection is all about the vintage rendition of this iconic brand, its legendary

features and intellectual logo properties into a collection of exclusive graphic tees for automobile

The first phase of the launch will roll out British Motor Heritage tees in 16 variants. Proline has

received the license to sell MG, Austin, Austin-Healey, Morris and Wolseley merchandise in

India. The main highlight of the collection is the photo print technique and graphics that are

specifically treated to give a retro look to the collection.

Each T-shirt in the collection is priced at rupees 650 and is exclusively available on Flipkart.


Founded in 1983 by the brothers Rajesh Batra and Rajiv Batra, who identified the gap in the
Indian market for good quality Indian sportswear, Proline was amongst India's first sportswear
brands with quality offerings in T-shirts, sweaters, track pants and tracksuits.

The company established themselves as the number one Indian T-shirt brand of the time.
Proline began as a T shirt brand for men but quickly moved into other product categories like
Jeans, Sweaters and Swimwear and expanded its audience. Coupled with the iconic logo, the
brand Proline has remained a part of consumers’ consciousness till today. The brand heritage
is the greatest asset, brand value and recall has sustained through the years. Now after three
decades Proline has evolved into a brand that doesn’t just produce sportswear but also casual
clothing for different facets of life.


British Motor Heritage Limited was established in 1975 to support owners and the marketplace
by putting genuine components for classic British cars back into manufacture, using original
tools wherever possible. Since 2001, when the company was acquired from BMW, it has
been the largest organization of its type in the world based in Oxfordshire, a world centre
for motor sport production with access to M4, M40 and M5. With access to unparalleled
knowledge, authentic production information and original drawings and patterns, the company
manufactures previously unobtainable body parts for British classic cars. The company has a
turnover approaching £4 million supported by £2 million inventory and nearly 10,000 component

British Motor Heritage owns the Heritage trademark together with MOWOG, Nuffield, Standard,
Stanpart and Steelcraft marks and the Heritage Motor Parts brand, and is licensed by the
trademark owners to use MG, Mini, Austin-Healey, Triumph, Rover, Austin, Morris, Riley,
Vanden Plas, Wolseley, Special Tuning and BMC trademarks and logos. Through its approval
process, it is responsible for the licensing of vehicle, merchandise and publishing products and
outlets using the non-current trademarks and logos originally owned by vehicle manufacturers.
It is a Member of the Institute of Vehicle Engineers – SAE UK and Federation of British Historic
Vehicle Clubs.

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