Wednesday 19 December 2012

On A Quest For Silky, Straight Hair

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.Lets call her Meetu.

She lived with her parents and her elder sister. Being the lil one in the family, she was always pampered and showered love upon.

She was everything a adorable kid was.
She was curious and cute. She always watched in awe as her sister put on make up and fixed her hair. Oh, hair. Her sister had the most beautiful mane. Her silky straight hair fell across her face and softly grazed her shoulders and back. When she laughed, her fringes caressed her cheeks and made her all the more beautiful.

Our girl, on the other hand, had metal hair. Don't look so confused. By metal, I mean copper wire like hair. Her hair curled up like spring and felt like jute. She never really cared about it until she went to school. Her mom always oiled her hair. So much of oil that it dripped across her small forehead, onto her pointy nose and straight to her lips. Meetu didn't like how it tasted though. And then her mother braided those wires into pigtails.

The first day of school, it was Meetu's nightmare. Firstly, she was terrified to go to school. All she wanted to do was stay home and catch up with Dora. All the sad puppy faces that she made didn't help. She somehow relented into promises of big bars of chocolate as soon as she was back home.

As she walked into her classroom, she saw adorable kids, just like her. There was this girl with a nice big pink bow over her head. Her hair was shiny and Meetu thought she resembled her best friend, Dora. She happily went to her to make friends and lo! That girl, burst out into laughter! Another boy joined her and together, they pulled ribbons off Meetu's pigtails and made a mess of her hair :(

That was the beginning of our baby doll's hair troubles. She ran into her mom's arms that evening and sobbed about the bullies. Her mom told her that her was pretty in pigtails and hugged her tight.
It didn't help Meetu though. 

Everyday at school, the scene repeated itself. Meetu was too timid to go complain to her teacher. Her sister told her she will grow up to beautiful hair and kissed her every day.

One fine day, she saw her papa ironing his clothes. 
And that little brain decided what to do. 
She heated the iron and put her hair on the iron table. She kept the hot iron on her hair and waited and waited and waited. For ten minutes. 
Her mom walked in and screeched in horror, for our darling's hair was all burnt.

Right from here, started her quest for straight hair. She combed them all day to get them stand straight. 

She put on craft glue and combed more. Until the comb got stuck in her hair.

She took a stone and kept hitting in parallel lines.

She used her ruler to exert pressure keeping them straight for 6.5 nanoseconds.

She hung herself via her hair from a clothing line.

Oops. Gravity, something that Dora didn't teach her about. 

She put a pile of books on her hair. That is how papa straightened wet currency notes know?

She took mama's cloth brush and brushed her hair! Her hair was supposed to get all straight, just like the clothes that got washed with those cloth brushes in the advertisement!

She made biiiiggg bubbles from her chewing gums and plastered them on her hair, hoping the gooeyness will keep them straight. 
Nah :(

One fine day, she saw her street getting a fresh layer of tar. She was amazed at how the gigantic road roller thing straightened away every crease of the road.

She knew what exactly she needed.


With all this happening, she entered the troubled teens. Her classmates entered in too. 

Nothing changed much.

Meetu's never ending quest for straight hair continued. So did the meanness of the bow girl and her friend, the boy.

Meetu had finally reached the saturation point.

Off she went, to a witch. A bad, bad witch. Haven't you watched Chota Bheem? That old ugly witch that rides on a broom? To her! She promised our pie, very straight and silky hair. 

We all know Chemistry can go wrong, right? In Meetu's case, it want terribly wrong. Ouch.

Frustrated beyond limits, she continued her quest for that one miracle product. That one product that would convert make her copper wire hair into soft, silky STRAIGHT mane!

By now, she was grown up enough not to trust witchcraft, but to believe in science. 

She went to one renowned scientist, who was very, well, renowned. He promised to free her from all her hair problems. 

But he freed her from all her, err, hair.

Were there many saturation points or what?

She tried tying elastic to her hair ends and keeping it pulled by the door knob as she slept. But that didn't help, that just hurt, a lot.

She also had plans of cutting her hair off into tiny pieces, and then pasting them together. This would give her control over how they curled. But her sister nodded otherwise in horror.

And then, it was Christmas time.

This time, Meetu had just one wish. 

"Silky, straight hair, Santa, please", she pleaded.

And went off to sleep. 

The next morning, she woke up to a glowing sock.

"Wait", she thought.

She gleefully put her fingers into the sock, and out came a Sunsilk shampoo bottle. 

"My dear child, use me and I shall grant you your wish", it said.

Meetu carefully took it to the shower and washed her hair. 

Out she came, and dried her hair. 

She was full of expectations. A tiny gleam of hope in her mind told her it will be okay this time.

And, it was.

Our very own Rapunzel :)

And she lived happily ever after! :)

PS: Obviously, the lil girl Meetu is a reflection of me :P Though I don't have copper wire hair, I have always wanted straight hair. And if you are following me from long, you will know Sunsilk is my holy grail shampoo, my Knight in black armour ;) 

PPS: This is a contest entry to Indiblogger Contest. Parts of it are fiction, obviously! *Duh!*

PPPS: All the watermarked images are a property of this blog and may not be used without a written permission from me. The other images have been credited to their sources. If you own any of them, and want to take them down, please mail me at and I shall do so. 

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  1. babe! are u like super talented or what! I am amazed at your writing as well as drawing abilities! KUDOS! You are from today on one of my FAVORITEMOST bloggers ever! ♥

    1. Hehehe :D thank you Samyukta :D You are the sweetest :D <3 :*

  2. Loved the way you described each thing she did to get straight hair!! :)
    I love the drawings too!! The iron one specially! hahhaa..
    Touchwood my hair is silky straight :)
    All the best! Hope u win it!! <3

    1. Lol thank you RKP! :) :D
      Aaww happy for your hair love :D
      thanks! :)

  3. Awww ur so cute Namitha :-) such an awesome post this is. Loved reading it :)

  4. hahahhaha... this is an awesome post Nammi... :P hope you don't mind if i call so :)
    nice sketches...

  5. I HOPE YOU WIN!!! I loved your entry very much!


    1. Di :D That is so sweet of you :D How I wish your words come true :D <3 :*

  7. Loved the pictures :) great effort!

  8. Super cute story! In my case, I have straight hair and am always on the hunt to find ways to curl them LOL I love sunsilk too! :D

    1. Thank you Maila :D Hehehe :D its always that way, right? ;) Wanting want we don't have :D

  9. Haha! Loved it. The story and the pictures. *thumbs up* :D

    1. Clueless Nomad! Glad to see your comment again :D thank you :)

  10. Cool! Amazing pictures and a lovely fairy tale :)

  11. I never saw so beautiful art <3.I loved it.Your drawings are extraordinary.Kudos
    I am sure you will win something or the other.Apart from hamper.
    Good luck :)

    1. aaww! Thank you so very much Sampath :) :) That was very sweet of you :)
      Haha, I hope I do ;)


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