Saturday 1 December 2012

Dress Up with Shoppers Stop!

Am I the only one that loves dressing up? :D As a kid, I always loved wearing my aunt's dresses and strutted around in her high heels. Being just 12 years older than me, she was my fashion icon. From my first lipstick and eye liner and kohl to most of my firsts in life till date ;), my aunt has been my icon :)
She had always loved to dress up and dress me up to! Oh those torturous  beautiful childhood days where she would roll me in yards of saris to make a Shakuntala or a pretty dhoti wearing Krishna! :D 

See for yourself :P

Ever seen a prettier Shakuntala? :D

I don't remember which King I was here :o

The very adorable Krishna :D


I have always wanted to dress up like her - classy and elegant or girly and flirty. And sometimes, she means business. If my sense of style is impressive *which is ;)* its all thanks to her! 

And what is the prettiest co-incidence? That she is a regular at Shoppers Stop. The best of her dresses, accessories and shoes, that I borrow steal from her on regular basis, are from there! 

Come festive season and I find myself trying to look like her - perfect and ethereal ^_^ 

Here is what I would wear - to look so perfect like my aunt and yet keep my sense of individuality intact and obvious :) 

Nothing can beat the charm of a woman clad in a saree. This festive season, make a statement with an elegant saree with the right accessories and shoes, and charm their pants off ;)

This gorgeous Ashika Georgette Embroidered Saree paired with this super comfortable sandals is sure to make you The factor! Always remember to balance your face. If you are wearing a heavy neck piece  keep the earrings simple and vice verso. To do justice to the heavy work on this saree, I would wear this Cygnus Diamond Earring. Lets oomph up the factor with a nose pin now, shall we? ;) How can anybody go wrong with all these beauties and this French Connection-Ladies Kimberly Sparkle Box Clutch? *Dies a lil inside*
This look is so well blended and sublime, beautiful! :)

For the bold ones that want to look like a million buck, fret not, I am here ;)

Lehenga sarees are the sexiest sarees in my opinion. They are flirty, girly and so much fun! You can decide how much skin you want to show too :) 
Ashika Georgette Embroidered Lehenga Saree is the perfect pick with stone work and embroidery. Look how very gorgeous the work is! ^_^ Add in this set  to catch some eyes ;) To tone down the whole look, what better than a Sparkles Bracelet? Also, lets make statement with Lucera Silver CZ Ring  and HAUTE CURRY heels! Full marks for standing out with an eye popping red clutch.

So the evening wears are ready! What for the day? 

This Vero Moda Ladies Halter Dress is perfect to wear ethnic jewelry with! The teardrop earrings, with a stack of these, and the golden clutch and you are sorted :) Pretty up those silky tresses with these crazy adorable Sparkling Bow Hair Sliders and your feet with these Inc 5 babies, and hello, hotness! :)

Now that the ladies are sorted, lets man them up, shall we? ;)

Go here for kurtas. They make wonderful gifts too! 

And here comes the best people I like, the babies! How I love babies  ^_^ ^_^ Aaaaww!! The collection here at Shopper's Stop is so wonderful, I couldn't stop sighing.

Here are two things for your lil things ^_^ I am a teeny bit partial to girl babies, because there are so many options to dress them up with :D Baby boys, go here and buy what you want :P Tweet @NamithaKashyap for a fashion emergency okay? :* Teeny baby girls, you can try this frock with this pair of shoes for evening party and this frock with these shoes for the day :) :* 

You can also gift your loved ones gift vouchers, cards and combos for a hassle free festive season! Check out their wide range of collection of fragrances and Home and Travel Section too! Not to forget their sale  section!

Shop right now and let the celebrations continue! 8)

PS: This post is an entry for Indiblogger's Shopper's Stop Contest.
PPS: All images here are mine except the first image (and the source has been provided). They cannot be used without my permission.


  1. This Shakuntala is the prettiest!

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  3. look the same :)
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