Saturday 29 December 2012

Cinnamon Coffee

He was furiously typing away at the laptop. His eyes intent at the screen, his skilled fingers effortlessly swinging by the keyboard. With one leg straight and the other pulled into him, he looked every part of a Greek God. Bending a little towards the tech machine for a better access, his stubble made him look so sexy, a lil tired may be. He sat there in all his glory, ripped jeans and floppy hair, absolutely unaware of a beautiful pair of kohl lined eyes set on him. The coffee mug lay by his side, empty and dry.

She smiled as nostalgia hit her. His height, that was that one factor that had always charmed her the most. Oh , and his stubble. She was one of those weird girls that loved stubbles and soul patches. Being the standard benchmark at 5' 2", and he, a 6', she had always felt so good next to him.
"You guys make such a cute couple!", her friends always gushed.

Being short had its perks. She always fit right into arms. Many a times he scooped her in his huge, gym arms, and she hung in air her feet dangling to touch the ground.
She half smiled and reached an abrupt halt.
When was the last time he scooped her that way?

As she continued to sit on the couch surrounded by numerous cushions, she wondered what had happened to them. What was once a happening couple was now a run in the mill pair.

After five years of marriage, she felt a sense of fear for the first time. A cold shiver passed through her spine and tears welled up in her eyes.

"What is up with you, idiot! Don't over-react!", she scolded herself.

She twisted her hair and put it back into the clip and walked out of the couch. He would leave in an hour and breakfast was yet to be prepared.

Picking up tomatoes from the refrigerator, she noticed her chipped nails. She made a mental note to get it off her nails and paint them fresh. "When was the last time I got a manicure?", she thought.

As her thoughts swam by, she mechanically prepared the day's breakfast.

An hour an ten minutes later, he was there at the dining table with his laptop in one hand, bb in another, collar button undone and tie around his neck.

"Can you please please do this darn thing around my neck fast?", he pleaded in her direction whilst checking his phone.

She smiled and stood on her toes, did his tie and stood taller for a peck on his cheek but well. As soon as the tie was done, he was running for his shoes.

PS: This is the first chapter of my latest novel, Cinnamon Coffee. I know I know, my previous novel didn't go beyond first chapter. I somehow never felt like continuing it at all.
PPS: I adore the title :)
PPPS: Hi! btw! I am still alive and how! Groggy and mindfucked. Will be back with a better brain tomorrow. How can the year end without me ranting and making resolutions know?
PPPPS: Hi! again :D

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  1. aww :( i liked this but felt sad too :( waiting for more :)

  2. another one to get addicted!:D

  3. Just got to know about your blog today through one of your friends. Great writing style:) Simple, casual and elegant:)!!

    1. Awh thank you so much! :) That's very sweet of you! May I know through whom? :D


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