Sunday 30 December 2012

That Last But One Post I Never Wrote Before

So yeah :D Its officially the Year in a Review post :D I love doing reviews or, you know, revisions :D Those last minutes of exams when I revise and feel I know everything  When I false assure myself that I know everything that is ;) 
Okay now, no more boring studies stories :D

So, what happened in 2012? :D

This blog was born in a broken computer with a crappy internet connection during semester end exams of January. The creator of the blog was and is a genius, of course 8) I named it Life is a fairytale because life is :) There are many a princes and many a paupers, and many more villains. At the end, you are the princess and there is only one Mr.Prince Charming. 
And then, its only you both who will proceed on to become Mr and Mrs. King :)
Oh yea, I will change my last name to my husband's name when I get married. I am from Old World like that. Judge me for all you want 8) 
Okay so what was I telling? :D I started the blog. Months flew by and my darling blog grew up. From product reviews, fashion posts, agony aunt, wish lists, some food for the soul, some music and much more got covered on the blog. I attended some of the super amazing events and had a blast! 
Come January 16th, its an year old ^_^ I also got featured in a leading newspaper :D

I have made many wonderful friends and discovered fantastic blogs! I have put across my most uncensored opinions and you guys have been through it all :)

Can't thank you all enough! :)

Life wise, this has been an exceptional year! 

I lost 10 excess kilograms. Though I still have to lose some more of the flab, fitness wise I have come a long way! I have trained hard and checked my diet. Okay, diet wise I have got to make better food choices and stop snacking between meals. Oh cookies, why are thou so attractive? 

I have learnt that life is very beautiful. What is even more beautiful is to think of future. And dream.

Even more beautiful than even more beautiful? Making that dream come true :)

That you'll always have somebody to back you up.

And that when you want to burn all bridges and go into hiding, there are some people who will surf to keep you safe :) Or take an airplane :)

That there are some people in life, who will love you with all their heart, no matter how bad a bitch you are. 

And that nothing is more comfortable than sitting with him hand in hand after a shitty fight, and knowing that you'll both work through it.

That life doesn't give second chances.

That it is okay to take a break and restart. That you don't always have to be perfect everytime. 

That you are unique and you can't possibly pursue everything and excel at it. You have to choose your area and expertise in it. 

That you are awesome.

That you are fuckin' awesome!


That no matter how much you plan your life, it will not always go according to your plans. 
You have to embrace the divine chaos. And live through it.

That you have to love yourself very very much.

That sometimes, you have to let go of things for some sanity in life.

And sometimes you have got to be retarded.

You'll never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have.

That, your best friends are not measured on the time spent. Its about the people that stood by your side, no matter what.

That you'll always find somebody to find faults in you.
And you can always find an awesomeness in you to counter that fault ;)

That you are not perfect. And you don't have to be.
You and your imperfections are perfect. Flaws and all :)

That it is okay to go wrong :)

That it is okay to lose people. Some people are good when they are gone. Just like clouds. When they dissapear, its a brighter day.

That life is very short to fuss over people who don't even matter to be an issue in your life :)

Life is about pursuing what you want, what you are passionate about. And you are never too old to do what you dream of or dreamt of. 

And that, happiness is a choice :) And that we should stop existing and start living already! 

And change is the only constant.

So, that is for the last but one post for the year ;) I am not really a New Year Resolutions person. The main reason being I never follow them. Meh! :D 

But this time, I am making an exception :D Cuz yours truly follows the rules she makes for herself these days ;)
And continues being awesome ;)

I shall be back tomorrow with some resolutions and soul food okay? :)

Miss me till I am back and oh, follow me on Facebook for updates when I am missing from here ;)

Also, join in the giveaways, today is the last day for two of them! :)

Stay ultra awesome, like me ;)

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  1. gorgeous girl, that was an amazing round of events and kudos to your writing efforts, always a pleasure to read you, Nams. And girl, you have lost a ton of weight. congratulations!!!

    1. Thank you CC! So long! :* Your comment made me smilee sooo big :D :D thank you again! <3

    2. Yeah, i was barely blogging here and there. what a busy month decemeber was :) Glad you are having amazing fun!

    3. yea, I can see that! Get back woman! <3

  2. you make my days brighter girl:). My monday morning-31st working blues have vanished :D

    1. Aawww! Was that the sweetest comment ever or what? Thank you Opal, you made my day now :D :*


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