Friday 2 November 2012

You go girl! \m/

I have this one weakness. Initiation. And it works both ways. There are stuff that I start off on a high note and don't continue. And there are things that I struggle to start. Fitness falls into the second category.
I haven't worked out in 1.5 months. *hides face* What happened was, even after I quit working out, initially I didn't pile on weight. Ha! I ate whatever I wanted to and happily choked myself with sweets and junk. Hello, festivals :) 
Now, I feel 'fat'. I feel 'unfit'. 

And all I needed was a lil inspiration to get back. What is Pinterest for?

Why should I work out?  

To eat whatever I want to, sans guilt.

To continue wearing whatever I want to, sans the 'Ermm bulge it is!' feel.

So that my skin stays on track and continues to glow.

Because working out half an hour a day is WAY easier than hiding myself in unflattering clothes.

Because colored jeans look hot on toned legs.

Because I love myself very much to live in a body that I might hate someday. 

Because I know its easier to lose 3 kgs and maintain that weight, than starting all over again at 15 kg overweight.

Because I want to be fit.

Because it sucks to feel bloated.

Because I like the gangsta feel after a workout.

Because working out gives me confidence.

Because working out makes me fit. 
Haven't you heard? Fit girls look good naked.

Because it gives an air of assurance. 'If I can do this, I can do any damn thing.'

Because my collarbone deserves to get the stares.

Because I don't like giving reasons.

Because I want to maintain this waist and tummy and tone that arm more.

PS: Latest pikcha

Why should you work out? Add in your reasons.



  1. Woot for fit girls look good naked ;)
    My reasons for working out:
    1. I love checking out the "cuts" i get on my calves and thighs due to muscle build up
    2. I love asking the SAs "isse chhota size nahi hai kya?" :P
    3. Skinny jeans look super hot after you've worked out to fitness ;)

  2. My reasons for NOT working out...(puhlease excuse me for..ummm..making u J)
    1. I am too thin(maybe a size -1)
    2. I have lean muscles!!!

    Any ways to put on weight???I have tried everything yaar:(

    1. Awh I ain't J Shruti, I already love the way I am :)
      Umm I'll try penning down an article, its tough cuz I can't relate :D

    2. been trying to put on weight..even if I was thin,its ok..but I m 5' I kinda look like a stick..haha..:-)
      forgot to tell u..u look so so cute..this pic of urs is one of ur most natural ones..I mean,u have tat naughty look in ur eyes..(I was lookin at ur blog in office and I kinda had my manager over ma shoulder)

    3. Aah I get that! Being too skinny ain't good healthwise too! I'll try my best to pen down an article sweetie :)
      And thank you very much! :) :D I am beaming here :P Haha, the manager didn't take you to task? ;)

  3. You are GORGEOUS and look great! However, I fall victim to feeling a bit guilty when I lapse in my workouts as well. I'm Georgina and I happened upon your blog and have become your newest follower :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Georgina! :) Good luck with your workouts :)
      PS: Thank you so much for following me, I am on to your blog :)

  4. love the accessories ur wearing..
    my reason for working out- is to attain a flattering waist line!

    1. Thank you Pranali :)
      Waist line, LOVE THAT THING! :D
      Good luck :)

  5. Hey Nammi.!
    you look cool gal... :)
    and my reasons for my workout :P
    1. to reduce my tummy... **argggg i soo hate it...
    2. to stay fit.
    3. to wear dresses of my choice ;)

    1. Thank you Rajani! :D
      Yea, me Hi5's all your reasons!

  6. :(..I have been such a lazy girl and have been bunking aerobics class for the past 15 days....


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