Sunday 7 October 2012

Yellow Bliss

Its all about how we perceive things, know? The things that we find nice and adorable can be perceived as lame by others :P What comes across as self confidence might end up looking as self obsessed and arrogant. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :)

What matters at the end of the day is how your perception affects you. There are some days where I feel like a total loser, like, 'what am I doing with my life?' 'I want to quit this' 'I don't want to get out of bed'

.....and there are some days, just so beautiful. Like you wake up with a smile, have a lovely day all day, and end the day with a blessed feel. I LURVE those days, really! I love those moments when I am brimming with confidence, like radiating confidence and charm 8) *Shameless bragging* Recently, I attended the Bangalore Fashion Bloggers' Meet held at Bangalore Central :) I wore this outfit on that day, and had planned on posting these with the event's pictures, but well, patience ain't my strongest virtue ;)

I have always loved this yellow top. It fits it snug, and has an aura of chirpiness, I feel pretty in this. Oh and the fit! I have lately realized that I look my best in tops that are fluffy and end with a band around my waist. 

And no, I can never get over this particular top. It is such a happy color. Yellow bliss. After all, Life is a Fairytale :) *innocent wink* 

Absolutely adore the grafiti :D ;) I couldn't believe this on the random street and HAD to have a photo ;)

Giggles and more ;)

Notice my bag? Love those beads!

Self obsessed much? Why shouldn't I be? ;)

Yellow balloon top: Mota Royal Arcade, Brigade Road. There is this tiny yet cozy shop in second floor (or first floor?!) which sells the prettiest tops! The uncle who owns is super sweet :D He also gives perfect and honest opinions on everything you choose :)
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Gifted (They are from Catwalk)
Bag: Gifted, ditto 

Let me know what you think :) Oh and guys, Facebook has supposedly introduced this lame concept of not showing a page's posts on all its fans' walls. *Did that sentence make sense? ;)* So yea, please go here, hover on the 'Liked' (if you haven't liked yet, go LIKE! Now! :D) and select 'Show in Newsfeed'! Voila! I'll be right on your wall all day all night ^_^



  1. aaaaaa mereko ello top chahiye :D
    I had a similar one in purple,,loved it like anything, it got ripped from the back and my sweetheart maa turned it into a duster :| but but buttttt!!! I made her wash it with dettol and then sew it later :D :D :D

    missing it now . :|
    never came to b' so so want to explore it!!!

    1. Ushooo! :D So sweet :D You sewed it back? :D Aawwwhh! <3 <3
      You should come to Bangalore, I'll take you shopping ;)
      Thank you! :D

  2. hey gimme gimme your facebook page name..I know there is a link in here, but you see I can't access FB in office....:p...but I can read blogs:p :P

    1. Its Life is a Fairytale Opal :D I don't think the link will help you reach FB :P


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