Friday 21 September 2012


It was a typical weekday night. Yes, weekday night. She was home early. Obviously, the kitchen was a happy bunny today. She wanted it to be special, for no reason. I mean c'mon! Why should any day be special only because it has to be? Right? She had an off, she awaited him, so it was special.

The life after wedding wasn't as rosy as they had expected it to be. You see, before marriage, in mumma's place, you have mumma taking care of the house. You will not have to bother about the maid servant's absence or the number of clothes given to laundry. 
After marriage, you've got to take care. Of everything. 
That was something she was more than willing to do, from past five years.

As thoughts of pre-marriage drifted through her memories, she smiled. How very much they had craved for these moments.

A tiny yet cozy apartment of their own, the privacy, the freedom of doing whatever the hell they wanted to. Those home decor boards on Pinterest, that they had jointly pinned, evoked a warmth in her. After a struggle of five years, they had the life they had wanted, right where they wanted it to be :)

With oh-so-many thoughts in her head, she still took care of his taste. She was careful with the sugar, she added extra cashews, she chilled some milkshake. As she drifted efficiently through the kitchen, one silly thought lessened her speed. Had she become the typical housewife? She mentally slapped herself for even remotely thinking so.
"I am a home maker with a well paying job, hmph!", she told herself.

As the elaichi's flavour started filling that tiny,cozy apartment, the door bell rang.

She smiled as she walked up to the door :)

She opened the door to him, obviously. She stood on her toes to reach his neck, and hung around him. He held her by her waist and planted a kiss on her nose. "Aawwwh!", went the neightbour granny as she watched them. "Switch the staircase light off son, conserve electricity", she told. He switched it off and they smiled at her and walked in, and he closed the door behind him.

"Yumm!", he exclaimed, "Where did you order in from?", with an innocent face. His tone gave away the naughtiness.
She punched him in the tummy and he mock cried, "Oouucchh!"

"You better freshen up, I ain't gonna let you enter the kitchen", she winked.
"My mom was not half strict!", he grumbled under his breath.

She smiled as he walked away to freshen up....

And was caught off gaurd when he held her again, tight enough to choke her up.

"You know what? Momma used to loosen up my shirt buttons when I was in 3rd grade, easy to freshenup then "

"Aawwh really? I am gonna loosen up my son's shirt button too"

"And you complain that I don't flirt anymore, that I ain't mushy anymore and that I have changed!"

"Yea, the levels of flirting have fallen down lik.."

He didn't let her complete that sentence.

He held her so close, she could feel his breath on her neck. His hands ran along her slender frame, and she felt her knees go weak.
As she grabbed him for a moment of balance, he swept her off her feet and kissed. On her mouth.

She smiled as he kissed her deeper, stronger and that is when he told, "Ya know what? You've got to have experience to open up shirt buttons. I'll give the tutorials today!"

The blush on her cheeks, was warmer than the kitchen.

The neighbour granny giggled, cuz the lights went off.

*PS: I know this story has no turns, no twists, nothing extra ordinary. I just want to showcase the beauty of every day events. In this case, its a couple, and the playfulness and the love. Also, after my previous entry, many readers mailed me suggesting that I should have continued a lil more, and explained the intimate details. That is the reason I have given a wee bit more description here. I would like to know if you will be okay with  more details. *Obviously, I won't make it sound like porn :P* Do give your feedback through the comments. Thank you :)*


  1. u wrote it??
    i felt as if i m reading a scene of Mills nd Boon :D

    1. Yea, I wrote it :)
      Thank you so much Prerana, that is a huge compliment! :)

  2. *tears**happy tears*'s not just in story happens in real life...very much part of my life...well done girl:D

    1. Aawwh Opal, I am so so glad it struck a chord with you :) :)

  3. Namita..u wont believe I bookmarked it to read later..things were keeping me tight..just woke up n read n Oh boy!u shud write short stories and get'em published..Yup u're that good! Way to go Gal.Hats off to ur literary bent!

    1. Aaaww :* Is that the sweetest comment or what? Thank you tons madam, I am smiling big here :D Haha yea, someday, hopefully ;)

  4. You're so awesome Namita :-)


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