Thursday 20 September 2012

Oriflame Studio Artist Illuma Flair in Hot Pink Review, Swatches, FOTD

Sometimes, life puts you in a fix. Like, you have this super easy yet common sense based subject's test tomorrow first thing in the morning, and you have this favorite lipstick screaming for attention through the wooden doors of your cupboard. Its the question of self respect. One mind says, 'Namita, they are gonna ask you relations and Modus Tollens tomorrow, not how pink your pink lipstick is. DON'T WASTE TIME!'. Another mind says, 'Aaww c'mon! Just an hour (and another, may be). Pose up baby, pout! 8)'

We all know who won know? *evil grin from evil mind* Ssshh!!

Okay, so mumma gifted this to me for no reason.Ya know, when mom is being all nice and generous and gives you everything that you eye? That phase 8) I'll show you my posey poses now? 8) *Not self obsessed at all!*

Before that, let me review it for you mere mortals! 8)

Product: Lipstick
Brand: Oriflame
Range: Studio Artist Illuma Flair
Shade: Hot Pink
Code: 22868
Cost: Rs.349/- (Varies every month)
Quantity: 4 g *Like we ever empty any lipstick :P*

The lipstick comes in this black plastic casing with a touch of silver at the,well, metal-like parts :D You can't find the shade from anywhere, very unfriendly ;) Sturdy cap, travel friendly #Yawn.

The name is a complete misnomer, I tell ya. Hot pinks are supposed to be Hotchh! Like In Your Face Hot! Which this is notch! *Okay, lame* Though it looks all pinky and scary in the tube, it goes on as a nice hint of pink on the lips. Ya know, I am a blushing girl in the garden of roses, waiting for my hone waala pati mahaashay types of pink :P *Those of you that didn't follow, it means, 'I am a blushing girl in the garden of roses, waiting for my fiance :D*
See for yourself!

Pretty know? :)

It doesn't have shimmer,glides on like butter. Staying power is pretty good too, three hours without eating, drinking, kissing. Even when it fades, it leaves a lip balm like tint. No bleeding either.

All in all, I have no issues with this lipstick. *after all, it is my favorite!*

Lets see how it looks on me ;)

This is how it looks on me :)

See how dry my hair looks? I have lost hopes, I tell ya :\ I am bored with the Sunsilk range now. OK,this rant for another post. Lets concentrate on lippie now ;)

More fooling around ;)

That is it for today, I'll go study now. Engineer in making and all :D

Let me know what you think okay? 

You know you love me ;) 

Namita 8)

*Will be back to Love, Namita  from next post ;)*


  1. hahahaaha love the fooling around pics :)

  2. Hi namita........... im a new follower of ur blog. Found ur blog to be interesting. Since ur a bangalorean also im a newbie for makeup stuffs...... Yet to explore ur blog a lot..... Anyways overal its a nice blog.....

    1. Hello Shwetha :) A warm welcome to Life is a Fairytale :) Thank you very very much :) I hope you'll hang around :) <3
      PS: You made my day!

  3. cute pics! try more close-ups next time!

    1. Pranali! Thanks a ton, note taken :) Even I realized after posting the pictures :D

  4. nice shade nd very cute pics :)

  5. love ur face expressions..cute

  6. ha ha always love ur posts..they ALWAYS make me smile..n pretty shade..btw I had tried everything for my hair as well n nothing worked..but the tresmme range is really working miracles!! do give it a try!

    1. Thank you Lee :) Really? Okay! Next on my list that is, thank you doll :)

  7. Ya not Hot Pink..but a pretty shade..

  8. That pink is really beautiful, a feminine color. When it comes to lipstick, I love red :).

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

    1. Thank you Tereza :) Red is the ultimate color :)
      Sure, I would love that! :)

  9. pretty shade, loved your poses & pouts:)


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