Sunday 9 September 2012

Bipasha Basu at the Special Screening of Raaz 3

So I finally got some ME time and was browsing  *with absolutely no goal* and ended up with these pictures.

Bipasha Basu at the special screening of Raaz 3. Personally, I love Bipasha. Most of the time she looks perfect - her hair, her make-up and her outfits. Add in that hot body and we have a stunner.

 But this outfit made me think, "WHAAAAAA???"

I hate HATE hate whatever she is wearing, really! I have never been much fan of either the moss green or the velvet-like fabric. The zipper on the sleeve looks interesting, but its nothing out of the world. The red nails and the bracelet add in an ounce of interest, that is all.
The peep toes aren't doing any good either :| Bipasha, why you no wear colored peep toes?

I found her make-up good though. Its simple and casual. A nice carbon black eye liner, loads of mascara and a pale brown lipstick. Her hair is perfect, like ever ^_^ 

The expression on her driver's face, LOVE! :D He looks so calm and settled and at peace ^_^ #ZenState :P

Look at those pretty curls at the end ^_^

The one thing I like about her dress is the neckline. It shows off those sexy collar bones like EPIC. May be she wanted to keep the whole look very casual? I don't know! To suit the ambiance of the screening? :P No idea :o

But you let me know what you think okay? 

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