Saturday 8 September 2012

Friday's Fickle Favourites!

Hello there! :)

Weekend is here :D WOOT!
I am suffering from a writer's block these days, I think :o Or may be I am freakin' tired when I am home? I don't know :o I have become awfully irregular here on Blogosphere :( *begs mercy* I swear, all the product review photos have gotten stored on the old computer which fails to get switched on. You see, I access those pictures using my lappy mom's lappy, so me no get pictures now. #SadLife. So, me gonna click new pictures tomorrow and upload ASAP okay? :) *I know, I sound doped. I think I need a chocolate. Or him? May be? Or sleep? Arghhh never mind!*

Anyho, I am posting Friday's Fickle Favourites on Saturday. Bite me :P



Favourite Joey moment :)

:P Accept it, you do it too :D

Fav. hair accessories of the moment! Guess who is going head band shopping ^_^

Abhi Abhi from Jism 2 - latest music obsession! This is my ring tone, alarm tone and always-on-my-mind tone :D Sorry about the lyrical video, I didn't want Sunny Leone embedded on my blog :D

So simple, yet so beautiful :)

I haven'e worked out in the last twenty days and I feel like a pig already >.< Can't wait for next week 8) 

That is it for now :) those of you remember me, HIII! :D Those of you don't, not your fault :P I am gonna schedule posts for the whole week now, one post a day atleast, pinky promise okay? :) 

Bear me as I wonder what the hell is up with me :D *Did I scare you? :o*



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