Friday 15 June 2012

Makes Me Happy - Part 1

Hello my Sugarcubes! :)

Waaaasssupp? :D OKAY! I am feeling really good after quite a while :) I have a feeling that everything is gonna be alright (Or has it already gotten straightened out?). My intuitions (and intuitions of people who matter to me, and have always wished me good) are positive :) I can sorta see myself sending away relief filled messages to all the people mentioned above ;) And yes, I believe in the Law of Attraction,  I also am a theist. I believe in a superior power that creates miracles. I have finally stopped bombarding myself with logic and disbelief. Seriously, what is wrong is just accepting certain things and being positive? I am planning on launching a new section here solely for The Secret and Law of Attraction. 

With this background, let me tell you. I am not a very positive person to begin with. When something hits me full force, I break down and conclude that I am fucked for life :P A LOT, trust me LOT positive talk from my people puts me back into stability. Recently, I stumbled upon an amazing blog and (many other blogs) that had this section called 'Things that make me happy'. Random, abstract stuff. Just a line with a photo. You know, it was like escaping into a fantasy world for a while, from the reality :o I don't know how it is percieved, but I was at peace after going all the sections of all those blogs, and I can safely say my calm mind and certainity that things are in place for me, stemmed from there :)
Thus, I will take some inspiration from there, and I am starting this section called "Makes Me Happy" :) I am not limiting myself by the number of things. This section will be updated every week, with numbered photos and parts :) 
IF anyone of you guys are interested, mail me the links to your lists and I'll put them right here :) Lets make the world (and ourselves) one photo more positive a day, what say? ;) 

PS: All the images have been taken after Google-ing, from various sources- Tumblr, Flickr etc. No copyright infringement intended. If you want any pictures taken down, please mail me. 

Here I go, the Part 1 

1. Anklets - They are so beautiful :)


3. Good grades

4. Blogging

5. Clouds


7.Puppies - Aawww!

8.More puppies - Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!!!

9. Icecream

10.Peace of mind - *smiles*



  1. Hey, this is a good idea babe! I was thinking to start of this kinda topic too but more to things I own or surrounding me that make me happy! :D
    OMG, I love bokeh!


    1. You can click pictures of those and upload ;) Thank you love :)

  2. Awwww this post is sweet like you, i love it!

  3. awww. . .this is such a feel good post <3 <3 . . except for puppies i like all the similar things in a different order :) :)

    1. You no like puppies di? :o I love them :D YAY to similarity ;)

  4. Loved it..Anklets and pretty first love too ;)

    1. Haha :D Now that is awesome ;) Anklets are so beautiful! ^_^

  5. How the hell did I miss this post?......loved the whole idea...made me smile for whole 5 minutes....keep this section going girl

    1. And how in the world did I miss this comment?! :o Thank you Opal! :) I would be glad if you made similar ones ^_^


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