Saturday 5 May 2012

Of Updates and More Updates

Hello my Daisies! :) *Yes yes, I am calling you something actually cute after long :P*

My usual question. How is weekend going? Having fun? Or working late in office? Slogging ass off for an exam? Mine? HOT! I had a girls day out today. Me and my very special friend :) Well I haven't ever spoken about her, let me do it today! :)
She was my college mate in 11th and 12th standard, but we really didn't know each other then. Just the casual Hi's and Bye's, but any other interaction was zero. Few months ago, we just started casual chatting on FB and my oh my! We hit it off :D And now, we know the minutest details of each other's lives, and that is the best part about us. She is in a different college, studying a course that I cannot relate to, ditto with me to her. We are like No-Strings-Attached. We text each other, inbox each other any hour of the day, but don't expect a reply right back. We blurt out what is going on in the crazy minds and that is it. The replies come when we can and we reply back when we can. Its fuss free :) No offence taken over anything. And today, I had the time of my life! :) We did a lot of talking, photo clicking and gossiping :D Of course, A LOT of talk, girl talk :D And the best part? She understands me and accepts me for what I am. No expectations, no judgments. I am so calm and so happy back home :) Its like all my frustration just vanished. *Sigh* Here is a pretty picture :) She is just so beautiful, isn't she? :) And the one to the left is me :P Hope you recognized ;) 

I am wearing my very favorite top with a black pant 8) The bag is from Hong Kong, my aunt bought it :D Haul post *Or should I call it Gifts-that-I-Have-Got-Recently-Post* coming up soon :)

Moving on to my May 'Me Wants' , I ain't craving for too many things :P Here, let me list.

1.Flat Iron
Yes I know it is BAD for your hair, frying hair is not a good idea, it dries up dry hair further, but I really really like reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealllyyyy NEED it. Recently I attended a wedding, and saw how the stylist transformed the bride's shitty hair. *Sorry Ms.Bride, but your hair did look shitty, like mine does >.<* . I am obsessed ever since. I need a good quality blow dryer and a flat iron. I know I will have to BEG my mother to let me use it, and take MORE care of my hair, but I WANT  NEED it. 
2. Hair cut
I haven't cut my hair from past 8 months. Crime. Unpardonable. But have I told you about my I-want-my-hair-to-grow-long theory? Let me tell ya. See, I have dry hair by nature. Split ends, straw like texture, and easy breakage are my worst best friends. It involves gallons together of pre-wash hair oil, conditioners and serums to make my hair manageable. But once the length reaches a lil beyond my shoulders, my hair starts throwing wild tantrums. And that is when I decide to get rid of split ends and dryness aka cut my hair, you know that way it might get better. The cycle repeats. *Face Palm* That is why, no matter how crappy my hair is right now, I am not gonna get a hair cut for another month or two. Until the straws go a lil beyond the length I want. That way I can have the desired length + good hair. *Sigh* I am thinking about layers :o To be honest, I don't know much about hair cuts. So guys, suggest me cuts that suit my hair type :o Too early to be in this month's wish list? I think fast :P 

I feel this will look good on me :D
3. Fitter body
This made way from April Wish List. I haven't worked out this week, but I'll be regular from tomorrow. Weight loss is so not easy >.< 

With body as hot as that, why is she even sweating out? Oh wait, that is why she is hot :o
4. Hand bag
Yes. I need a new hand bag new hand bags. A LOT of them.

5. New wardrobe
Today I went to a mall with my girl. *I told you know above?* And was shocked surprised to see the freakin' awesome fashion quotient. Oh my! Let me be honest, I live in Bangalore's Not-So-Happening part. I mean, if I walk out with a pair of shorts, I'll have the whole street locality staring at me with utter shock, and set fire to the aunties' tongues. There will be quite a few myocardial infarctions too. That is a reason I have never bought dresses that I really want and wear. But after seeing all the pretty and confident girls being so bold and beautiful, and amazingly fashionable, I have to revamp my wardrobe. I have to get rid of my safe-bet-tee shirts, tops and start being bold. I have to change the place I shop from and do a bit of street and thrift shopping. Not necessarily tube tops and mini skirts, but lots of floral prints, dresses, neons, statement jewelry and more. 

So much for May. Next week is gonna be a relaxed one, I got college for two days only :) My sem exams will begin soon, so May is gonna be hectic. Oh did I mention? I bought a Maybelline lippy to mumma as a Mother's Day gift. Its nothing big, but it means a lot to me to be gifting her something which she wont give away in charity :| *read clips, hair bands, chocolates that she gives away to sis and me in emergency :x* I bought the Tinted Taupe shade :) Hope she likes it :)
My huge update ends here. *Phew!* 

You temme. How you doing? :D

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  1. girl you can go for steps with layers and some side bangs, would look fab on you ! ..unless u want flat straight hair (i kinda hate poker straight hair :| )

  2. you look really pretty. am also begging my mom for a straightener, which one are you lusting after? anything particular? I need to get a hair cut too, reminded me after your post. sheesh also a pedicure and a massage. i been working out this month, gosh, there's so much to do!!

  3. I have my hair cuts when I land in Bangalore. I only trust Lakme people with my hair:) and good luck with exams ....:)

  4. It's good to have friends with no expectations and no judgements, lucky you!
    All the best for your wish list and exam!

  5. Sigh! A fitter body and that hair dryer... So cool!!!

  6. @Vanu: Hi5! :D

    @Sukanya: Now thanks a ton! :O I think it will look good on me :D eee :D Poker straight hair is easy to handle know :O

    @Coral Crue: Thank you :) Oh not really :P Thing is I am new to hair straighteners and blow dryers, so I'll read some reviews, Google a bit more and start lusting :D IKR?! I have gotten tanned like a pig and I look like a mess >.< MUCH NEEDED ME TIME! You too darling, please take care of yourself :)

    @Opal: Are they really good? Some of my friends suggested YLG :O

    @Fida: IKR?! She is a sweetheart :) Thank you baby :*

    @Pratishtha: Hi5! Did you know you have a lovely name? :)

    Namita <3


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