Wednesday 9 May 2012

Yipee! :D

Hello there Sweethearts! :*

Happy Wednesday! :) Starting from today, my official offs to college begin :D I can go anytime I like, or choose not to go 8) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D I am so happy ^_^ The luxury of waking up late 8).............Now, that would have happened in my fairy tale life, but alas! NO! :( In the real real world, I have hardly 15 days left, and TONS to study >.< And in those 15 days, I will have 3 days of lab exams *Sigh*.So for now, I am gonna stop ranting, and make a list of what to and what not to do in these days :P

To do and not to do!

  • Clean my cupboard. It is in that horrible stage where you are freaked to open it, the avalanche of entangled clothes!
  • Go to the bank and get my ATM card. Its been three months, and I am still running around. Growing up to be legally adult ain't fuss free :P 
  • Not to make any timetable. I won't follow it anyway :| 
  • Study whatever I feel like studying, provided it is not Math again and again :D
  • Blog.A lot. Yes. Blogging helps me be stress free, and reminds me of of my goals :)
  • Finally take the much more needed care of my skin. You see in study holidays *cough* I don't go out. Implies, I can put on a face mask, and in the privacy and comfort of my room, enjoy the glory of good skin. Lots of face masks, tips and Part B of Summer Care on way. *I have the best skin during exams :D*
  • Work out regularly and more. Yes. I can work out better and get hotter. 
  • Clean my book rack. Its not funny when I am about to pull a book from deep down the bottom of the door less cabin, and the WHOLE pile threatens to fall on to my feet. Bloody heavy hard bound text books. Whatever happened to Moment of Inertia?! 

That is all I can think of now. Oh and last evening I bought Himalaya Neem Face Wash. When I am back from a long sweaty day, my homemade face wash ain't that effective. The oil mines of my face are quite stubborn you see. I didn't want to mess again with the other face washes I was using before the onset of monster acne, so I decided to play safe and bought this baby home. Long ago, it had helped me deal with moderate acne. If it works well this time, mine will be the most positive review of the fabulous face wash. *Fingers crossed*

Phew! That is it for now. I have a huge post coming up, of all the stuff my guy bought from Kerala, exclusively for me :D

Miss me till then ;)



  1. ahem ahem pretty interested in your gifts now

  2. oooh would love to see the haul from bf. :) also i need to clean my study table.grrrrrr :)

  3. Gifts are alwz special and wen dey are frm smbdy special den dey are priceless. Waiting to catch glimpse of ur priceless gifts

  4. haha....all the best, Namita :) and, sigh!!! what fun is it to wake up at your own sweet time :D

  5. all the best for exams :) I have one next week as well..and then I would say adieu to my student life (until I don't jump the wagon to get some other degree :P )

    P.S. u have the best bf in the world who brings you lovely gifts *sigh* :P :D

  6. @Sukanya: I have posted it di :D ^_^

    @Coral Crue: Hehe :P Oh please lets do it :|

    @Vanu: I so second that! :) The moment it comes from some one special, its all the more close to heart :)

    @Swati: Thank you Swati :D Oh temme about it! :D For a lazy bum like me, its THE heaven ;)

    @Pooja: Thank you :)Oh all the very best to you too honey! :* I can't wait to bid adieu to mine :P Yes yes, he is the bestest bf <3 Love him to bits <3

    Namita <3


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