Sunday 13 May 2012

Giordani Gold Ruby Lipstick - Velvet Plum Review

Hello my ChocolateChipCookies! :* *No no, I am not in an exceptionally good mood, just that I am munching on them right now :P*

Welcome my very first lipstick review :D *Trumpets and bugles* Lipstick reviews are the best to do. Why?

  • You can swatch them while eating cookies.
  • No matter how ugly and disastrous the skin is, you needn't conceal any :D All that matters is lips and the lil area surrounding lips. Thank the Lord for no acne on and around lips :|
  • You get to POUT and take seductive pictures :* :* :* :D 
  • You can have the greasiest and driest hair and yet it freakin' doesn't show up in the pictures. 
  • Unlike face washes and any cosmetics, you can let the lipstick sit all pretty and make you feel like the Chief Editor of Cosmo 8) *PS: I am not responsible for weird stares from brothers and fathers. "Why the hell have you colored just your lips? :o"*

OKAY! Lets move on to the review *Ahem*
PS: Temme my photography has improved ;)
Also, this is NOT my lippie, its my mom's.  

Product: Giordani Gold Ruby Lipstick
Brand: Oriflame
Cost: INR 498/- 
Code: 21704
Quantity: 4g 0.1oz.

The Lipstick 8)

 Oriflame describes this range of lipsticks as 'A luxurious lipstick infused with real Ruby powder for perfect radiance in a range of classic colours. Moisturising qualities and SPF also mean your lips will be smooth and protected as well as luscious'. OK.

Velvet Plum comes in a classy packaging, golden body with a red rim at the opening. 

The picture makes better sense know?!

The color is a deep plum and glides on like a dream. (There is a reason its called Velvet Plum). Its an intense color that looks good on fairer tones, I think. I mean my mom is a lil duskier than I am, and it sort of doesn't look good on her. It makes her look 10 years older >.< On me, its like my lips but better. I am usually Pink-and-Coral-Lippie girl. Any other shade makes me look washed out and ill. *Or is it my intense love for pink?!* This color, however looks pretty good if swiped twice. Its build-able. You swipe on too much, and you are all ready for Halloween. Personally, I don't like too much goop on lips :P 
Staying power is quite decent. I treated myself to cookies and drank water with this baby is on, and after two hours, there was still a shade of plum on my lips. 8) It didn't dry out my lips either. In summers I don't have too much of chapped lips problem, and without a lip balm beneath, it still didn't dry my lips. 
Enough information? Now lets see my pretty pictures? :P

See? My lips but better :) 

I sort of like this picture :D *Though my smile is funnily curved*

So do I recommend this lippie? To fair toned girls, yes, if you love plum family. If on duskier side, you might want to check properly before you buy :)  

In other news, I was on a trip to a water park, amusement park :D It was such an amazing weekend :D I have gotten tanned like SO AWFULLY! No bloody sunscreen can prevent tanning I guess :| My skin looks so sick LOL! :D But then, I have an important LAB exam tomorrow, CAED it is >.< How I hate it! All the views and lifting and projections go over my head! Anyho, I have to slog now *Sigh* Wish me luck people, will need loads of it! :D

Image Sources:-
All images are mine. The link leads to Oriflame website.

Have you used this range? Loved it? Loathed? 
Lemme know! :)

Miss me ;)



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