Sunday 1 April 2012

Me wants! :D

Hello my dolls! :*

I stumbled upon this on Facebook, struck a chord with me :( I am so wanting a pet now :( How many of you have pets? :) What have you named them? :)

And there is my first wish :) Starting from today, I'll be posting 'Me wants! :D' every month, which is basically my wish list :) It will not be the typical wish list with products and dresses but abstract stuff too.I am a staunch believer of Law of Attraction, and yes, I'll give a stronger try from now :) If anybody is interested, I'll post about it too :) Lemme know :*

And now lets welcome my April Cravings!

1. Rains 
Yes, rains! Summer has just begun here and its gotten so freakin' hot already >.< I am NOT a summer person, I prefer rains and cool temperatures. It is just beginning of April and its scorching awful :| I wonder how hot May is gonna be! *Sigh* LET IT RAIN PLEASE! 

2. Fitter Me
I have lost 3 kg without any workout. Yes. I haven't worked regularly, thanks to some medical conditions. Also, college has gotten really demanding. I have hardly got 5 hours of sleep every night from past 3 weeks :| So, I haven't woken up to work out. But yes, starting from today, I am gonna play badminton for an hour with my siblings. That way I-am-not-a-morning-person excuse will be gone too :) I am just 7 kg away from my perfect weight :) And this month is gonna be fruitful :) 

3. Gladiators
I am not your typical fashion person. I never keep up with current trends and do the 'In' things :P No offence to anyone, but that is so boring and monotonous. If everyone wears the same dresses, apply the same nail color and cut hair in the same way, where is the scope for individuality and creative expression there? :o So that is why, I wear what I want :) So comfortable, so versatile yet so stylish! ME WANT! 8) And I have been craving for these beauties from eternity, haven't got the time to go shopping :| Sooo hope mom is free today! *Fingers crossed*

4. Floral Dresses
In this bloody hot summer, floral dresses are what give me some happiness :@ I need want some super chic floral dresses. I tend to get conscious of my weight in dresses :o So may be, I'll buy a few in May 8)

5. Bourjois 3D Effet Lip gloss in Rose lyrics
*Sigh* Can the color any more beautiful? And Oh did I tell you? They made it for ME! 

I am gonna be very obedient to mom from today, really! :) :) :) :) 
*Smiles at mom* 
Mom: What do you want? 
Me: Aaww nothing mom, I just love you so much :)
Mom: What do you want? 
Me: Aww really mom :) :) :)
Mom: What do you want? 
Me: *face palm*

6. The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

We all keep reading wonderful quotes like, 'A girl should be two things - classy and fabulous' . I'll be honest with you guys. I have not always been groomed girl :P Every time I zone out and look like garbage, I remember such lines and get back to being groomed :) This book of life lessons, I have been searching ever since and haven't found it yet :|*Well I haven't really visited much shops though :P* Guess a shopping trip is my immediate need :o 

7. Coral, Mint, Aqua nail paints
I want need these colors in life. 

8. (Almost) Smudge Proof Kohl
I can't wait for those days when I can cry my eyes off and look like a doll. A weeping sad doll. And exploit my guy. And not look like a racoon. With Panda Eyes. COLORED KAJAL! COME TO ME!

9. Some Me-Time
NEED. A very good friend of mine recently asked me whether I am alright :P She is those types that is ALWAYS happy and serene. She suggested meditation as a cure to my restlessness. What better me time than some peace? :) 

That is it for this month :) Hope it works out right for this month :D Wish me luck haha :D :)

On a merrier note, the very adorable Surabhi of The Eternal Voice of my Mind has passed on the Liebster Award to me :) *Trumpets and bugles* Thank you, doll :) 

Rules of the award :

Link back to the person who so graciously bestowed the award.

Nominate 5 others to receive this prestigious award.
Here I go, in a random order :)

Sukanya from few unnecessary stuff

Samyukta from I Simply Love Makeup

Fida from Live, Life, Love

I wish I could pass it on to more beauties :( :*

So what are you craving for this month? :) 
Lemme know! :)

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  1. Hi Babe!! Thanks for the award!! woohoo!! I love you!
    Well, I have 3 cats who owned me ;) Life will never be the same once you have pet in your life.. unconditional love from them.. you should get one! I hope you'll get all your April cravings..As you believe in Law of Attraction.. Just ASK-BELIEVE-RECEIVE!! hehe.. I have my own catalogue of universe - My Vision Book! Good Luck ;)

  2. Awww I share a love/hate relationships with pet and they all die due to neglect or -I don't even know - they just do! LOL I'm a terrible person :'( at least with animals.

    Nice list! :D

  3. I have two cats, their names are odie and priscilla. Me and my mother have a totally weird taste in pet names, I know XD

  4. No pets for me :( my parents dont allow u see
    Congos on weightloss

  5. Thank you so much dear...Well, I own a brown lab named MIKKU...actually, it's my dad who is the owner...You really wish for rains huh???....I am praying that It wouldn't rain until July-Aug...Rains can be pretty have to live with cloudy skies, muddy roads, carrying wet umbrella...may be I have this love -hate relationship with rain cause I am from Kerala and it rains for 7-8 months here...

  6. Cool post babe!! Me WANT or rather NEED the floral dresses and the gladiators and yup the fitness routine too!! ;) And those Nail-Paints! :) That lip-gloss is pretty. I am sure it'll look awesome on you! :)

    I am holding a giveaway! I would love it if you take part! <3


  7. I have a pet dog..she's a cross btwn Japaneese spitz n an german shephard..but she is in my hometown n am stuck all alone in kolkata...miss her totally :(
    btw ur lustlist seems similar to mine ...:)
    oh! n thnx for passing the award too me.. :-*

  8. @Fida: Haha anytime :)
    IKR! Pets are just so awesome..How I wish I had one :( YAYEE thankyou! :*

    @Ms Myx: Aaww sad :( They require lot time know?!

    @Eline: OMG! So adorable! ^_^ I am so sure they are very cute! :*

    @Vanu: Ditto :\ Thanks sweetie :)

    @Opal: Anytime :) Haha so sweet :D Mikku! :D I totally love rains baby :D Oh LOL may be! I am in Bangalore and I HATE summers :\

    @Butterfly: Glad to share the same needs ;) Thankyou for that wonderful comment hon :) Sure, count me in ;)

    @ew unnecessary stuff: Aawww *hugs* But you atleast have someone to miss :o YAY! Lost sisters ;) Anytime sweeetie :)

    Namita <3

  9. I like this post, I'm looking forward to floral dresses too this spring/summer ! Also, me time would be amazing right now but for some reason it is so difficult to find. Good luck, I hope you get some peace of mind soon !

    great blog btw :)


  10. Thank you baby :) I guess I finally found it :P :)
    Namita <3


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