Sunday 8 April 2012

How much criticism is too much criticism

Hello there my sweethearts! :)

Its a lovely Sunday afternoon, and the weather is cool here for a change! *touchwood* I woke up later, worked out and felt good :D I am totally loving working out YAY! :D Except for push ups, every other excercise is making me feel better and better :) But my tummy hurts a lil more than other parts :o Anything using solely tummy muscles is making me scream. LOL! So yes, giving it a lil break :)

I just read a ton of posts, on hundreds of blogs, and all the posts that were related to celebrity dressing - Who wore what on what color carpet! Frankly, I don't follow any award ceremonies with passion. The only way I find out what was anybody wearing is via the blogosphere. All these days, I would totally enjoy all such posts, where the fashionistas would put forward their opinions about which dress is awesome, which is shit, who should lose weight, who should put on some and stuff. And then I read posts about Aishwarya Rai. She hasn't lost much weight after giving birth to her daughter, and everywhere I see, she is ridiculed and called fat.
After giving birth to her baby in Nov 2011
See? She hasn't lost weight and gotten back to her former fit self. So what? I am right now on a weight loss regime, and I know what it is to work out and diet. Its NOT easy. I have to make time in between my college, studies, family and friends, its not easy. Dieting is tough too. With so many unhealthy choices around, its a pain to drink lemonade when all your friends are sipping on creamy milkshakes. And I am just 19, and haven't given birth. I am not breast feeding. I don't puke 10 times a day. I don't have muscle aches. I don't experience post-delivery mood swings. I don't have to be awake almost all night to keep my lil baby from crying. I don't have to keep changing her clothes and napkins every other hour. I don't have a husband. I don't have media hovering around my ass. I don't have paparazzi keeping high vigilance on me and my family, for a picture of my newborn. Except for my nosy siblings and my once-in-a-while-pissing-off family, I don't have privacy issues. And yet, it is NOT EASY to lose weight.
Aishwarya Rai has been fit most of the time. Except for some 'serious fashion pauxes', she has always been groomed and beautiful. She is neither my favourite nor I look up to her, but the lady needs to be treated better. I swear, I hate to see people calling names. Expressing your opinions frankly is one thing, being hurtful,arrogant and rude is another. 

The majority of the world loves Aishwarya. Yes, even if you and I hate her, call her porcelain, or fat, people love her. And not everybody can reach such heights. Having a blog and expressing personal opinions is everybody's right. But don't you think we should be careful with the choice of thoughts and words? As it is the world is full of 'size zero' and 'OMFG I got to lose 1.4 pounds or I am a fat cow' syndrome and more. My lil sis diets. She is as thin as a stick. You can actually count her bones. Yet, she says no to chocolate. *I, on the other hand, will never SAY no to chocolates. Well may be I'll reduce the portions, but never say NO!* She has recently joined athletics. To my mother she said she was interested in sports. With me, she gave away the secret. "I won't put on any weight! How cool!" *Its healthy to indulge in sports, so I am fine by her* 
How many kids today have eating disorders? How many of us are battling 'fat' every day? How many fitness freaks? Diet foods? Instant weight loss? Diet pills? Makes me nauseous!

And the worst part? Aishwarya will never read such posts :P *Not even this* She knows what she is. What about all the kids that have just hit puberty? They have a hell of a time juggling thier hormones. Should we give them such weight complexes? Being healthy is all that matters. For my height, I should weigh 47 kg. LOL! But no, I will stick with my 53. 8 kg overweight? I don't fucking care. At that weight, I am healthy and look my best. To reach this level of comfort and maturity, I have taken months. At one point in life, I wanted to be skinny. *No offence to you skinny people, I have read articles that state your point of view, and I absolutely second that :)*
A lot of thinking and talks, I now know all that matters is being healthy and happy with your body :) The rush of workout is the best. The feel of sweat running down your face can't be replaced.

I don't mean to say Aishwarya is healthy right now but HEY! Give her a break. She knows what she is doing, and will eventually be as as fit and hot. 

Criticizing is very easy. Calling some one fat or skinny, tall or short, dark or pale, ugly or disgusting doesn't require efforts. All it reflects is how sad and cheap the person's mentality is. So next time before you criticize some one, walk in their shoes. 

PS: I have put across my views, and I do sound aggressive. I am not gonna edit any part of it. I am relatively new here, yet have followed blogs from months. 

What is your view? Lemme know! :)

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  1. A very well written post.. I completely agree with each nd every word... I remember having read at some blog about kareena becoming fat and pictures comparing her size zero and now images.. I mean for god's sake, she still looked way far Slim than most of us ever dream to be !!!
    Media's work is to criticize, so let them be... But we being bloggers and soo many people reading our posts, should we not encourage ourselves and others to be HEALTHY rather than SLIM or thin.. Filmstars get paid to be like that,, But we know how much they have to compromise to achieve the way they are !!!
    Talking about myself- I love being Called a li'l HEALTHY !!! And I love my chocolates, fast food and PURE GHEE ka khaana !! I cant starve at all.. I do my bit by having a brisk walk daily, avoiding junk as much as I can and I know I am not having any health problems ( TOUCHWOOD) and I guess we all should just be concerned with health and not about the amount of fat or soo !! : )

    And girl you look fabulous.. I don't think u r even 1kg overweight !! ;)

  2. Great post and so true :) but funnily enough, the celebs are also critisized if they get to thin too ( Keira Knightley, Kate Bosworth....) I guess this is what the reporters and fashion experts... keeps on their toes and in business :) x Marina

  3. haha Namita...loved to read the post!!! Ok, frankly, I don't love Ash either but seriously how can one expect her to lose all the weight she has out up when its been just 6 months at max after the delivery and who knows what she faced in her pregnancy??? its not like pregnancy is a breeze especially for a woman of 38!!!

  4. ohh..nice blog..went through almost each of the post..and i like it for sure:)

    mind following each other?
    new post up on my blog:)

    Elegance Stylized

  5. I agree with you, people shouldn't be so harsh on celebs. I mean, this woman just had a baby that's obviously her priority and not going back to being a size 0.

  6. Well said babe! It's always easy to judge and criticize others but not themselves.. I'm sure she is happy with her daughter and her weight issue is a small matter compared to her baby! The eye of pleasure sees every fault insignificant, but the eye of hatred always sees fault.. :D

  7. Well said dear:) I read an article about media criticizing Aish about her foot wears as she had wore flat chappals when she was back to home from the hospital after delivering her baby. I wondered at that moment what else was media expecting her to wear at that moment? For god sake media need to get a life b4 falling down to such an extreme level..

    Glad to found your blog:)

  8. I love the way you've written it and I felt exactly the same way an then I saw a mag at work and she was on it's cover.. My first thought was 'oh shit! they were right! she really has gained weight' *continues to stare at the cover* *shameface* So what? even I have gained weight. Khalli walli. You chill babe :-*

  9. Well first of all, I don't know who the woman is, but she certainly doesn't look overweight to me. Secondly, I agree entirely with what you've stated in your post. It's really sad how some people feel the need to call others out based on their appearance. As far as answering your question in the post, "How much criticism is too much criticism," I think as long as a criticism is accompanied by something CONSTRUCTIVE, it's fine. However, is someone was going to sit there to point the finger at someone calling them fat all day just to be mean, there's something wrong with that person. Besides, I really don't understand why we feel such a need to criticize celebs. We should look at ourselves and our lives first before we judge others because 99.9% of the people making those mean remarks about others are the ones who are guilty of what they accuse others themselves...if that makes sense lol

  10. I totally second you. Let Aish enjoy her motherhood and be her, why post nasty remarks on her post delivery figure?. What matters at the end of the day is that the person should be happy and content. If you are happy being chubby or lean let it be, why bother....

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  12. LOL nice post honey :*
    Well the new rules are set by Bigger fishes of the corporate world..
    Any will go to any extent to make their product work!!

    WHO SAID FAIRNESS=HANDSOME/BEAUTY?(google top 25 sexy men/women and find it urslf)
    HOW IS Being HAIRY= ugly?(to to the time before hair removal products where launched)
    PLUMPLY= not sexy?(look at any actors before fittnes corporates emerged)
    These people have there own way of marketing...
    by telling 'NO SMOKING' is the best way to advertise Smoking :D
    can go on...

    These where set ups by companies long ago which has transformed the way we think....

    Critics are the most idiotic people on lol seriously!! you have opinion on everything!! :/

  13. Great post. I agree that people need to lay off of her. There was a time people were surprised at how some women in Hollywood would shockingly bounce back almost seamlessly to their pre-baby bodies. Now it is expected.

    ::deep sigh::

    Btw, enter my giveaway for something Herm├Ęs & a gift card ;)

  14. I second that! I think people have no right to get so nasty and inflict their opinions openly and let down others. It really irks me!


  15. Thank you so much all of you :) To be honest, I didn't expect such a wonderful response :) I am so glad to most of us are practical and focus on health :) And also have a heart not to make fun of others :)

    Thank you thank you once again :)
    You guys made me feel so good :)
    Lets make a difference :)

    Namita <3

  16. Everytime a journalist or photo journalist elbows his way through the crowd to photograph the post pregnant Aishwarya, and then put up really bad angles of her on television and magazines, I really wonder what is their purpose. And if you have noticed, she is one of the top celebrities who time and again is always being put down by the media. Seriously, these guys need to give her a break. I wonder what she would feel or have felt when she read all that nonsense about her. And come on, like you said, the woman just gave birth. How can people be so mean and cruel. I love that you have written so strongly on this issue. we need people like you to raise up such topics and bring to one's consciousness how much damage all this is doing to all the people around us. God bless you :)

  17. Totally agree. I don't freakin' understand the ways of world I tell you. Oh I will be happy if it pricks atleast one nasty critic. Thank you for the lovely comment sweetie :)
    Namita <3

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  19. I second you Namita !! great post !!
    its crazy how people are critizing her.. I wud rather say that its a beautiful phase of her life and she is enjoying it and doing things her way !! i m sure she will get out of it soon.. after all who wants to be fat !!
    ask me.. even i had a baby in nov 2011.. i am also loosing weight slowly and steadily .. ... loosing weight is one of my priority..however i have other more imp things in life to do! with the most imp being taking good care of a new life that is totally dependent on me !!
    for god sake people .. pls stop criticizing her .. and praise he for the confidence with which she walked the red carpet in Cannes.. kudos to her !!!


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