Saturday 10 March 2012


Hello Cupcakes! :*

*****I was supposed to post this on Wednesday, but I couldn't >.< Though the next two paragraphs don't synchronise with the timings, I will still post without editing because I want you to know my state of mind right now :P Here I go :D*****

*Post at 4 PM? Wait, this lazy bug din't go to college today? Her college fest happening know? She was supposed to bug me by late evening right? :o* Well I didn't attend college today :P The Technical Events are happening and I am least interested in them >.< 
Random facts: Did you know? I am severely technically challenged :o 

And I really wanted to take some time off, some time alone. I have had a stressful fortnight - first the illness, then the exams, then the fest preparations PHEW!! And also, I have a feeling I have been getting a lil pessimistic again. That hellish loop I have managed to stay away from. I need to check myself frequently not to get into depression-like state :| *Nope, I ain't officially insane ;)*
 So I took a very tiny break today :) Woke up late, worked out a bit, ate some good breakfast, read so many wonderful blog posts, cleaned my cupboard (YAY! Finally :P) And while cleaning, I stumbled upon some things that made me happy and some made me cringe. Also decided to make a poster myself :) The kinds that I upload on Capturing the Heart :) If I manage to finish it by this night, I will upload :) 
Enough ranting? :P

Moving on to the title of the post, I have been tagged by Shruti, Sukanya and Fida :D I'll be honest, I don't consider myself interesting. I don't have too many 'Random things about me' and that was the sole reason I was hesitant to write this post. Also, it doesn't allow the same person to be tagged more than once :o I am very new to blogging world, and just starting to know many wonderful bloggers :) So, I might break the rules here 8) *Rules are made so that you work around them ;) My guy's quote 8) Sue him if its plagiarism ;)*

OKAY! 11 facts about me:

1) I love indian chats :D Masalapuri is my all time favourite 8) Wake me up at midnight and serve it, I'll relish it and go back to sleep. I can survive on nothing but chats all my life. Yup I am very sure, lock kiya jai 8) :P

2) I am a nail paint whore 8) I have like 30+ colors, every imaginable color :P And every color has been chosen and loved :) The tiny bottles make my cupboard look so wonderful :* :)

3) My toe nails hardly grow :\ By now you have seen my finger nails (if not, see here :P ) and know how freakish-ly long they are :P As soon as my guy saw the post, he inboxed me saying, "OMG! Your nails look dangerously long :o " But I don't know why my toe nails don't grow fast :| I broke a nail almost 3 months ago due to some injury, and that lazy thing is still growing :\ Looks so ugly YIKES! :|

4) I hate bitter-guard. I will never ever eat it. NEVER EVER!

5) I love puppies though I have never had a pet. (My mom has been working, so me and my siblings' childhood memories = day care centers. Every time I asked for a pet, my mom would go like, "Where will I search a day care center for the dog now?" :\) They are just so adorable ^_^

6) I find grandpas very very adorable :* They are just so cute! All I want to do is cuddle :D

7) Because of my above trait, my best friend says I have a thing for old men :D LOL! :D He says he gets insecure when I am around old men for too long >.< Hmph! :@

8) I am a decent photographer :) I am not pro-ish, but I do click decent pictures and edit them well ;)

9) Almost an year ago, I used to hate my skin and Photoshop my photos just to stare at the blemish free skin :( Now, I get complimented on how fast my skin is improving *touchwood* (Excepting my recent break out saga that is :( Oh and you guys were right, I am stressed and that is causing acne :\)

10) I talk. A lot. *You know that by now :D*

11) I have ran out of facts to reveal now :D Yup, I am Miss. Smartypants 8)

*Told you it'll be boring? Didn't I? :\*

Now me will answer all the random questions in the order of how I have gotten tagged :D
Shruti had tagged me first, so here are her questions :)

1] What made you enter the Blogging world or Why you became a Blogger??
 Well :D I have always wanted to express my opinions and views. Nothing is more fascinating than the blogging world. Also, all my make up skills are from the several blogs that I follow :) My family is virgin in terms of make up :P So yeah, that is why I blog :)

2] What is the most expensive thing you've ever bought(Like footwear, apparals, makeup etc)
 An ethnic wear, for my aunt's marriage :D Very gorg it is!

3] How many inches does the tallest pair in your shoe closet measures ??
 Ouch! I wear heels for everyday use, but my mom doesn't approve of heels beyond 4 inches even for special occasions :( So yeah, 4 inches pencil heels :D

4] At what age did you started wearing Makeup ??
 At the age of 16 :P Kohl and lip BALM, not even gloss :P Hehe :D

5] Summers or Winters, Which of these you like the most and why??
Winters, because that is the time of the year I tend to have the best hair and skin :| I hate summers :x So can't bear the heat >.<

6] Lipsticks or LipGlosses, Which of these do you prefer and why??
    (You have to choose either of the 2 not both ;)
 LipGlosses :D They have an inbuilt sheen, they are very build-able, and re-application is easy for clumsy humans like me 8)

7] Pink or Purple ??

8] Tea, Coffee or Juice?? Explain please... 
 Juice :) Because its healthy, and fun :D So many variants haha :D

9] What are the 5 essentials you carry in your Handbag ??
 Kohl, tissues, lip balm, water bottle, 2 combs :D

10] Are you a Fitness Freak or a Potato Couch ??
 A Potato Couch turning into a Fitness Freak :D Honest :)

11] LBD's or Gowns ??
 LBDs! ^_^

Thank you Shruti :D

Now Sukanya from few unnecessary stuff's questions :D Shoot!

    Salon treatments with not so famous brands/ DIY home spa treatment with luxury brands
    Salon treatements with not so famous brands :) IMO, the trusted stylists know what our hair needs. There is a reason they are there :)

    Internet connection you are using?
    The Almighty BSNL >.< HATE!

    Favourite perfume?
    Cool Water Woman Perfume for Women by Davidoff....Major Love!

    Your comfort food?
    Sweets :D Kaaju barfi, rasgulla :D
    Spicy stuff too ^_^

    You mostly shop for- makeup/outfits?
    Outfits :)

    Stilettoes / flats?
    Stilettos. You don't have much options when you are barely 5' 3'' >.<

    What do you love about my blog( I presume you read it!)?
    The quality of posts and the creativity of pictures ^_^ Very admirable sweetie :)

    Are you a dog lover?
    HELL YA! :D

    Makeup Products you love (mention shaded) ? 
    Oh I am really new to this world of colors :) Need to experiment to have favor-isms ;)

    Products you regret buying?
    Lacto Calamine. Read why here :x
      How much time you spend on your blog(includes visiting other blogs) on an average day?
      Oh if I am home and I don't have any work, I am blogging or reading on other blogs :)

      Thank you Sukanya :*

      Phew! Finally! :D Fida :* 

      Do you have a pet?
      No :( 

      What is your all time favorite song?
      Oh my all time favorites don't exist :P But I tend to listen to Enrique most of the time :P
      So eh, its 'ESCAPE' right now :D

      What makes you happy? 
      I am by default happy :D I just don't like having anything to worry about. Lame I know :(

      Describe love in 3 words
      Love is life :)

      What did you have for dinner last night?
      Rice + veggies + curds :D

      What is favorite food?
      Mom made Pulav, my guy's mom made curries 8)

      What are you currently carrying in your handbag?
      Oh let me see :D As its fest time, I have my ID card, lip balm, gloss, kohl, eye liner, face wash, tissues, few clips, scrunchies, some mint, hair serum, chocolate wrappers :)

      What is your guilty pleasure?
      Lazy-ing around 8) Gimme unlimited supply of junk + juices + super fast internet connection and I promise I won't disturb you :D

      What is your dream job?
      Aaaahh! :) I had always wanted to be a pilot, then I wanted to be like Taylor Swift (I was in 6th grade then) and have my own music show :D Now that I am persuing B.Tech, I will probably do my masters and end up in either technical or admin field :)

      What color do you wear most often?
      Hehe :P Though I love pink, its mostly blues, blacks and whites :)

      5 words that best describe you 
      Self flattery question :P
      OKAY! I think I am chirpy, pretty pretty, moody, easily lovable, VERY talkitive :D

      33 questions LOL! :D
       Now my 11 questions :D

      1) Do you believe in love at first sight?
      2) Being friends after break up? OKAY with it?
      3) Who is that one person who is always there for you? :)
      4) Your best feature? :)
      5) That one product you swear by? :D
      6) Would you ever want a time machine? Wanna go back and change things, or are you happy the way life has been? :)
      7) How do you handle stress?
      8) If you had to give up one for life, what would it be? Lipsticks/Lipglosses or Kohl/EyeLiner/Mascara? :D
      9) Do you prefer breaking noses by punching in the face, or breaking bones by running a road roller over the one you absolutely hate? 8)
      10) Do you trust people easily? Why? Why not? Explain. *7 marker question this is 8)*
      11) What is that beauty trend you simply cannot understand and make sense of? :P

      DONE! :D Now I got to tag bloggers. But I don't know how many have already received the tags :O So excepting the ones that have already made a post stating they have been tagged, I'll tag :D 

      Here I go! *No particular order*

      Ms Nyx from Bak Bak Queen

      Chandana from The Girl At First Avenue

      Maila from Girls Zone

      Miss Iffa from The Eastern Pearl

      Eline from count sheep

      And I am finally done! 8) Phew! This is what happens when work piles up :D 

      UPDATE! :D
      My camera will be back this evening guys :) *YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYY* :D No matter how  much I prayed, I had to shell out quite a lot of cash :( Karma is a bitch >.<  My guy flocked in too :( Well anyway, I can't wait to have it back with me, and I have promised myself to be more careful :)
      On the other hand, I dropped my cell phone yesterday! It was in its pouch, so yeah, totally perfectly fine it is *Touchwood* So much for the promise :D

      Have a lovely time ahead you guys! :)



      1. Hahah. Love tags :)
        Superb post, so many things we now know about you! :)

        Do take part in my GIVEAWAY AND win amazing goodies :


      2. You're into heel and I'm obsessed with ballerina flats :) hehe.. anyway thanks for answering my questions :) It's good to know each other better ;) Handle your gadgets with more love my dear hehe..

      3. Lol..I love Kaju barfis like anything!!

        Jayanth seems to be such a sweet and nice guy and he is lucky to have someone equally sweet like you :)
        wish u two all the very best in ur life :)

      4. your blog is super cute :)

      5. @Sonshu: Thank you :D Sure I'll check sweetie :)

        @Fida: Oh really? :D I feel like I am underground in flats :D My pleasure, thanks for tagging me :)
        Hehe ya, I am being careful ;)

        @Pooja_G: YAYEE Same pinch :D Oh he is :) I am so lucky to have him :)
        Thank you so much dahlyn :*

        @Bubble My Licorice: Aaww thank you :)

        @Ruth Arthasya: Hehe thanks :D

        Namita <3

      6. Hey Namita, It was nice knowing you through Tag-O-Mania.. And same pinch I also love winters for the sole reason that my skin and hair behaves properly during this period. :)

      7. dogs,techie woes,lazy bums..seems we are mele me bichra hua behens :P :D

      8. Hae Bhagu! em getting tagged like umpteen times now! thnx namita for tagging me though :)
        em too lazy to do dis tag post bt vl now do it b4 anybdy else tag me.
        N u Ms.Namita, ur a sweetheart. Stay lk dis chatterbox

      9. Hahahaha!! Loved the post!! Now i know you even better! ;)
        Thank you so much for tagging me babe!! I am honored!! :) Will do a post in the near future.. Do pardon me if it takes time! <3
        Congratulations on getting your camera back!!


      10. I was really enjoying reading your post and then I see I'm tagged! Oo you made my day babe!

      11. hahaha, what amazing questions you have for us!
        Thank you sooo much for the tag! :) Its my first :)

      12. Loved reading your answers!

        And interesting questions indeed! Will do this soon! :)
        I got to check this only tdy... I've been crazy busy! :/


      13. @Shruti: Haha glad to share similar views :D thanks for the tag love :)

        @few unnecessary stuff: Aawww really? :D

        @Vanu: Hehehee :D Do it do it asap :D I too procastinated a lot, but then after 3 times, I HAD to do it :) Thanks baby, I am smiling here :D

        @Butterfly: Hehe thank you :) Yup, do when you can baby :)

        @Ms Nyx:Yes Yes do it asap! :D

        @Isha: Anytime :) Yeah yeah, answer asap, can't wait ^_^

        @TheGirlAtTheFirstAvenue: Thank you :) Yeah love, do when you can :)

        Namita <3


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