Sunday 12 February 2012

A silly Dilemma :o

Hello my Sweethearts! :)

How was your weekend? :D Mine was S.E.X.Y! 8) I had a fun, relaxed one :D Oh and I went shopping today Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D *You ask Why? You donno why? :( Its my birthday on 14th :D Why you no remember? :(*

I got a new pair of jeans, black in color :D and a grape wine colored top 8) To be honest, I didn't like the top too much :| Its so blah for birthday, but its OKAY! :D *I didn't want to piss mom off :o She had gone tired waiting outside trial rooms for 2.5 hours :P* I still have to buy earrings, thought of buying it tomorrow :) I also had awesome Masalapuri, Cutlet and McSwirl 8) YUMMM! :D Screw dieting :P

Now about the title of the post, I am in this dilemma from almost two days, and only you guys can help me take a decision :o
 I want to start with Outfit of the Day posts. What better than my birthday outfit? If you have read my initial posts, you have read me rant about my hopeless uniform for college >.< Implies, my OOTD won't be regular until September :( 
Well the dilemma is not whether I should post or not. Its about brands. I'll be honest with you guys, I don't believe in brands. If I like a tee and it costs Rs.150/- , I'll go for it. I don't mind shopping from street side shops (not the shady ones though :P) and sales. My perfect fit jeans are never from well known  brands. I always get my favorite jeans from lesser known/hardly known labels. I love them because they are comfortable, and they make me look good :) Also I feel, going by brands, some are outrageously priced! And I feel guilty making my parents spend Rs.2000/- on a simple trendy top. 
Ditto when it comes to accessories. Those huge loop-y earrings cost between Rs.10 to Rs.Infinity. And I prefer Rs.10 ones. Reasons: 
1. I lose them. Very fast.
2. I get bored easily. After using them for like 12-15 times, I need to have new ones.
3. They are freakin' economical and fit my budget.
Replace loop-y earrings with any accessories, and change the range of cost. My thought stream is the same.

Now, I follow (and stalk) many many wonderful fashion bloggers. And every time they give a break down of their outfits, they mention Zara, Asos, Vero Moda and other brands :o I totally understand how helpful that is for people who want to buy the outfits for themselves. But if I post OOTDs where I won't be able to mention the brand, cuz its not 'branded', is it gonna look lame? Say my birthday top and jean is from Show Off :o My earring which I'll buy tomorrow will be from Mr.Street Side Shoppe :o Is it that necessary to give a break down? :o I have been over-thinking this all evening, and finally felt like only you guys can tell what can be done :) 

So lemme know what you awesome people think! :)

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Namita <3 


  1. I don't know abt others but I am looking forward to it....honestly, IDK if any of those *brands* r available in my city..and I believe being in style without going def I would go for the Rs.10 earring than the Rs.1000 branded ones, reasons same as urs stated above ;)

    so go for it gal...err...I m not sure abt the title but I guess u will come up with smthing creative coz u have that flair :D

  2. Look girl, first things first --- GO ahead with that OOTD post! FOR SURE! :) Secondly, it does not matter where you buy them from as long as they look trendy on you! <3 And even if you do want to mention where you bought those clothes from then be truthful. After all, there are many people in Bangalore who would like to visit the same shops seeing you dawn a trendy outfit.. And hell, when i visit Bangalore for college or for a holiday i'd definitely visit the shops that you mention in those OOTD post of yours. :) [You do live in Bangalore right? :P ] And price?? Who cares? As long as the clothes are good! :) I would say go ahead and mention the shops and the ones you bought from the street shops too! <3 And all the best for it. :) And yeah have fun on your b'day girlie!! :)


  3. As long as you are happy with where you've bought your stuff.. you shouldn't care what people think. What matters is how you carry off the outfit.. you dont have to shop in zara or any big brands for that matter.
    I say go for it! :)
    p.s - my personal experience.. i mostly do street shopping and from local/small stores. But when I post my outfits, people are actually impressed that I create such good outfits at such cheap prices! So yes brands don't matter at all!

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    Enter and double your chances of winning.. see you there! :)

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  4. Hey Dear!

    I am wid u and waiting for ur post. Seriously, i also dont buy Zaras,ASOSs,MANGOs, etc, etc for the same reason as urs. I get damn bored so Brands doesnt suit my pocket and i feel on top of world when i buy from Street Shops(only when dey are comfy enough for me). Wen i see here, gals raving abt brands, i feel outcast (heheheheee).

    So count me in ur league! Dont forget to mention in ur post from which shop u got ur things, i vl also Loot-ofie doz places!

  5. As long as the clothes serves it purpose of making you look gorgeous, you shouldn't bother about the brands. I earn, still I find it unacceptable to spend more than 1000 for a dress/ top ...mix and match...carve a unique happy on who you are...looking forward to your posts

  6. @Pooja:Aaww thank you so much! :) Now I feel much more interested in OOTD posts :) I am so glad you have faith in me :) Thank you sweetie :) :*

    @Butterfly: You are like a sis to me :D So sweet! :) Thank you so much baby :) Sure, I'll post everything you have asked ;) Haha yeah, I live in Bangalore :)
    Oh I cant wait for my birthday to begin :D ^_^

    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: You have no idea how much your comment means to me :) I have been stalking you for a while, and absolutely adore you :) Thanks a ton for the wonderful comment :)
    I have already entered the giveaway :) SO wanna win ;) *Fingers crossed*

    @Vanu: Hey there love :) Whoa! I thought I was the only stupid thinker here :P *Hi5!* Oh sure, I'll post every info that you want :) Thanks like a billion for the encouragement :) Means a lot to me :)

    @Opal: Really? :O I always thought once people start earning, the cost doesn't matter :O Now I know it will be hard earned cash, so no gambling :) Thanks a ton for the lovely words :) I am gonna post asap :)

    All you lovely ladies that took some time off and gave me the much needed advice and encouragement, thanks like a zillion :* It means much more than what you think it might mean :) :) *Tears in eye* :P :) OKAY now I am all corny haha :D :)

  7. Brand or NO Brand....
    we guys have nothing in it for us!!!
    Keep nodding head "yes honey!! yes honey!!" after 3 hrs(i.e if we are lucky) the selection process is DONE!!
    Branded x 1 = 1000
    Unbranded x 5 = 1000
    **this comment just cost me screwing and few more goodies***

  8. LOL! :D
    OK no you are wrong :O :O :x :@
    *FINE you are right!*
    Thatz what we cash on ;)
    Err no :* What matters is all you want from us is smiles :)
    *This comment just earned you lot more kisshes? :)*
    Me :D

  9. Before all the 'lot more kisshes'
    DO LET ME KNOW how many slaps and kicks are on my way!!should i wear armor before i meet ya :o

  10. hey Namita :) just went through your blog or at least all the posts on Page1 and I love the way you write... not made up not fake... just the sweet a lil crazy person that you are :) *thumbs up*
    regarding the OOTD posts... I'd say this is your blog girl... your virtual "private" space, do what you want and those who have a problem can go somewhere else... those kinds as such don't stick around for long as such :D
    so have loads of fun doing whatever you want and let your blog be how it is... sweet and crazy funny just like you :)

  11. @Jayanth: Haaawwwww ;)I didn't hurt you know? :D

    @Samyukta: OMG! Thanks so much for that wonderful comment :O I feel so good :O You are such a BIG blogger and you took time to comment on my lil blog :O Are you the sweetest or what? :*
    YAYEEE! Yeah now I am convinced and fine :) Just waiting for my friend to mail me the pictures :P Thanks a ton for being so supportive :) Hope I keep up to your expectations :) *Hugs* :)

    @Hope Adela Pasztor: Errr thanks?!

    Namita <3

  12. you dont have to worry about brands and stuff as long as u are comfortable wearing it.. Duchess of Cambridge Kate doesn't buy great labels but she is considered very fashionable. Our own psycho heroine kangana who is considered decently well dressed in the industry believes in street fashion.. Money cant buy style.. you don't have to worry ... go ahead with ur OOTD. By the way belated birthday wishes :D


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