Monday 13 February 2012

The all Powerful Multi Tasker - TOD!

Hello my sweetiepies!

 Mmmwahh! :* How are you all doing? :) Thank you so bloody much for the wonderful comments on my confusion post :) I am so positive and all the more enthusiastic now :D :)

You all by now know my hair has a LOT of mood swings right? :@ SO me didn't want to risk for tomorrow and washed my hair an hour ago. That way it will be manageable tomorrow :D *What more can a girl hope for? :|* While letting it air dry (Yeah, I don't use any heat on my hair 8)) , it dawned on to me that I still haven't shared with you guys yet another miracle product that I have been using from recently, and absolutely loving 8) Reviewing it would be sort of useless, so I am recommending it 8)

OKAY now, who loves babies here? *Rises hand* I freakin' LOVE babies! OMG! They are just so adorable :) :) The sweet smiles, the soft skin ^_^ The toothless/2-4 teethed angels :* And the baby smell :) Just so divine :) Well what gives them that so adorable-y smell? :D Being a baby is just THAT good? :D or Johnson's and Johnson's? ;)

So yeah, its all about the miracles of Johnson's and Johnson's Baby Oil 8) How does it help hot babes? :P 
Here is how!
It fights FRIZZ! 8) It contains mineral oils (which doctors say is not good for babies :o I donno much about that issue :o) and is very very light :) Apply on damp hair/ dry hay straw like hair and spread it...VOILA! Silky smooth hair minus any tangles is all yours. I'll tell ya something. If any product can make my hair manageable, it can make ANY hair type manageable :| *OKAY ssshhh Ms.Hair, I don't want to praise you for no effort from your side :| Why you no be good girl like me? :@*
PS: Too much oil (like ANY oil), makes hair limp, so by trial and error, find the perfect amount for perfect hair :D 

It removes make up,especially eye makeup . The toughest and most pigmented shades can be easily removed in 1-2 swipes :) There is no tugging either :) 

It is a life saver for dry skinned damsels. Pat it on any dry patches, and be rest assured of a baby skin. *Am I sounding like a TV ad? :o *Smacks head**

And all these benefits for such economical prices :o Its Rs.45/- for 50 ml and Rs.80/- for 100 ml 8) And oh the frangrance...!! *sniffs hair* :D 

Its no less to expensive hair serums packed with Chemistry laboratories or the bloody costly moisturizers and make-up removers :@ 8) If its a teeny bit good to baby's skin, its gotta be helpful to grown up skin also know?! *Grown up skin - LOL! I am so weird at times :D*

So my babies :P
Try it yourself and lemme know if it worked for you :* 

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Google-d. I don't own a Crèche :P 

Lots love,



  1. I love the smell!

    Thank you for your comment, following you too now x

  2. Hmm... Not tried it on hair before. May be will.

  3. Haha..never tried it before..sure will give a shot..usually i use olive oil for all the above said purposes

  4. Iv been using Johnson's oil for quite some time now...I apply prior to head bath and rinse the extra oil off with shampoo. The above said oil isn't much of a help to fight my dry skin problems. Earlier used to have a bottle on my desk, which every passerby would have a slight squeeze off. Finally after seeing the bottle half empty within 2 days I stopped bringing it to office. Now, I use Jergen's ultra for me:)

  5. Never tried it before.. But will do for removing eye-makeup you say? :) Done! <3


  6. I have same type of hair like you mentioned, dry hay straw kinda hair. Since the time i have start using Patanjali Shampoo, they are behaving now. Bt i like Johnson's baby oil, idea too..

    BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear gal!! U must be partying today na??

  7. Haha! Great post! I usually use Olive oil that works great too.


  8. @Kim: Same here :)

    @PAPS: Oh sure give a try and lemme know :)

    @Siri: :) Olive oil is awesome too, but this baby oil smells so sweet :D Me like! <3 Sure, try and lemme know :*

    @Opal: I have oily skin, so this oil is enough to take care of my lil dry areas :) Aahh the smell is so addictive, re-applications are fun! No wonder yourz got over in two days :P
    Good that you found your HG! :)

    @Butterfly: Yeah sweetie, try and temme :D :)

    @Vanu: Dry hair is such a pain know >.< I am using Dove and my hair is ok now :P
    Haha yeah! :D I had a wonderful day yesterday, and today too :D Thank you baby :) :*

    @Megha: Thank you so much! :) Olive oil is a life saver! :D

    Namita <3

  9. so your top and the flowers in the bckgrd are pretty much the same...........I like:)

  10. my sister uses baby oil.. For most of the things u mentioned... Great tips sweetie. But I have thick hair .. So I use the oil what mom prepares with all the herbs :D


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