Monday 23 January 2012

Confidence is what makes a girl sexy!

Good evening lovely ladies! :)

One of my little friends, who read the post Living.Life.So? wanted some tips on how to be confident, and have faith in herself. She is just 14, and is 'trying to behave sane with all those raging harmones' *Her words* So Miss.Cutiepie (she prefers being anonymous), this post is for you :) Hope it helps! :)

So now you guys know what this post will be all about. Wikipedia defines Confidence as 'Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Self-confidence is having confidence in oneself'. *Thank you Jimmy Wales, the world would be so much more dumb without Wiki :)*

We all have those days when we feel like we own this world. Its like we are the focus of The universe. You know, those confident walks, those happy smiles :) The feeling of self confidence itself is so positive. It gives the strength to achieve the goals, to feel good about us, to be happy. AND, there are also days when we are too dejected to even think confidently. That Chemistry exam looks like a Super Scary Ghost face, and all you want to do is get the hell out of that situation. You are all dolled up for that favorite cousin's marriage, and there walks in that friend of the cousin who *you think* makes you look like you just walked out of your bead with raccoon eyes and hay hair. The group of friends you adore and love can also be a source of broken confidence, what with all their achievements floating in the air. Frenemies are omnipresent :-| So, here are my tips to develop a strong confidence in oneself that isn't shattered, and even if it is, can be restored in matter of minutes. 

εїз First of all, respect yourself. What you look like or how much you earn or the numerical value of your GPA doesn't define you. You are what YOU think you are. Respect your indivduality. Love yourself for what you are. Don't let people's definitions about you hold you back.

εїз Nurture your talents. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E  is born with talents. If you say, "No smartypants, I am born with no talent", then it shows you have a big heart to accept yourself and showcase it without any guilt or fear. Not everyone can do it. There. You just read your talent 8) *I am awesome, aint I? 8) :P*

εїз Stand up for yourself. A broken confidence is usually a result of people telling you negative words about you, and you blindly accepting it. Be there for you. The next time some lame ass tells you that you are not worth something, show it to them why you are. It needn't be a verbal comeback. Remember, actions speak louder than words. I have this annoying aunt who is ALWAYS bothered about the condition of my skin and hair. She used to point out at every pimple on my face, and every scar on the poor cheek, and go, "Aaww so sad honey :( You look awful. Lord! Your skin resembles an active volcano. God has been kind to me. I never got acne. And what is the thing with your hair? Did you just burn it? Hay looks so much better ". Such talks can be tolerated once or twice. But when it started repeating almost everyday, my confidence levels started dipping. I had accepted that my skin is the most horrible, and everything about me is beyond repair. I dont want to bore you guys with the 'How I got away with the curse of Bad skin/Hair' :P So now everytime she comments such stuff (Yeah she still does), all I do is smile and keep quiet, or blatantly ignore her, or if I am pissed enough, give a super wittty answer 8) 

εїз No one is perfect. To err is to human. Flunking a test is NOT the end of life. Remember, your flaws are what make you unique. Recognise your flaws, and if they really bother you, try correcting them :) 

εїз Accept compliments. The next time someone says they love your spaghetti, or admire the hold you have on a subject, smile genuinely and thank them. 

εїз Follow your passion. A passion is what gives you the real happiness. The true serenity. Don't give a damn to any destructive criticism whilst you are at it. If you WANT it, go for it. My passion is this blog, and all the topics I share with you guys here. I will blog, no matter what :) Once you realize the genuine joy of pursuing your passion, you will never want to look back. The immense confidence of being really good at something, is a thing of permanence :)

These are the major points I could think of for now :) I would be glad if you guys can give some more advice :) Confidence is what makes or breaks you <3
Well Ms.Cutiepie, hope this post helps you a teeny tiny bit :) *Hugs* :* <3 



  1. Confidence sure makes a lot of difference:)

  2. Very powerful write up. Great,inspiring post!

  3. Being confident can do wonders!! :) Lovely post! With each post i happen to like your blog more and more. :D

    Xoxo. :)
    Surabhi. <3

  4. @Emm : I second that :)
    @Pandora's box : Thanks much dear :) <3 ^_^
    @Surabhi : You are such a sweetheart :) Thanks much honeybunch :) I'll try to keep up with the expectations :)

    Namita <3


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