Saturday 28 January 2012

Arid Skin - TOD!

"No mom!! Applying lemon-juice on that stupid mark on my cheek wont help, it will just make me smell like a juice-stall :-| " "OIL? HAIR? Are you in sane mind?!" Well that was me before I actually tried any home remedies. I have been a victim of pimples, and so obviously blemishes, dry hair, chapped lips and all other such creepies that wreck havoc at a personal level. After lot cash spent on dumping chemicals on my skin and hair, and tearing hair and throwing tantrums over the results that never showed up, I decided to try the so famed Mummy's/Granny's/Neighbor's/Aunt's Home Remedies :o In this section, I'll list out the tips that worked for me(and those that didn't). So much for doubting the sanity of my mom :P  

PS: I have a crazy skin texture. My face is the proud owner of oil refineries, while my arms and legs can put Sahara Desert to shame. Yeah, I was born with a curse :( :P So basically, I have to spend on blotting paper, as well as moisturizer :-| If only all the excess oil from my face seeped down ^_^ *Some dreams NEVER come true :@*

And that is why I know about olive oil 8) 

Olive Oil - Its a God send for parched skin troubles. Almost EVERY problem (read dry cuticles, itchy skin, elbows) associated with dry skin can be cured with this magic potion 8) *Abracadaabra :D 8)* 

I just mix 2-3 tiny drops of Olive oil with my moisturizer, blend and apply :)  That way my skin is hydrated real well and it looks happy and content. On the days when I am too lazy to mix this baby, I tend to get flaky by the end of the day  :-| *Those annoying ugly flakes your teacher told you in 5th grade. Yeah, those whitish flakes from Vaseline Lotion ad :P Dead skin it is :@*

The best part comes now :D Get attentive class! Pin Drop Silence! 8)

It DOESN'T break me out :D Though my drama queen skin wants to break out at every possible occasion, olive oil doesn't let it 8) Tough teacher baby! :P 

Also, olive oil can be used to remove make up. Its mild on skin, and its always better to substitute chemicals with natural stuff :)

Just make sure to get a good quality of olive oil. *Too many fake ones in the market!* Also, store it in a neat, dark place. You don't want it to turn rancid >.< 

So my dear children, try it, and let me know if it works for you 8)

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Namita <3


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