Wednesday 1 April 2015

April Blossoms

 These days, I contemplate. A lot. There is this weird sense of new stream of thoughts that I am sifting through, and boy, it feels so good. The other day, I was updating the blog statistics and the 'About Me' page yadayadayada and seeing myself having grown up from a "20, Aquarian. Standard Indian height. Giggly. Loves to pose and pout :3" to what I am today? Haha. I didn't cringe, really. I am really starting to believe the bigger picture. Somewhere down the lane, the giggly 20 year old vanished. What is the essence of being a woman, after all? May be its the books we read, or the people we converse with, or just the vast expanse of stars we gaze at in the nights. 

Anyway, did I tell you that I scribble notes these days? 

Life is good :)

This April, I just have some random wantings. 

1. Little Black Dress

My graduation is right around the corner, and I am wanting a classic LBD. I stumbled across this on Pinterest, its gotten me falling in love. 

2. Earrings

I don't know how, I don't know why, I have recently become a sucker for earrings. The long, heavy ones that have the potential to tear my ear lobes away? Yes, them please! These were love at first sight.

3. MAC RiRi Woo

Really, this isn't much of a unique wish. I want to own this beauty for the sheer joy of it. Did I tell you that I have been eating Eternal Rose these days? The player from Maybelline Superstay 14 hour range? What a charmer!

4. Floral Skirt

Does anybody else get those ulterior cravings for a flirty floral skirt and a breezy white shirt in the middle of the night? No? Only me? okay. 

5. Hair Color

My mother will literally throw me out of house and disown me for the rest of my life if I as much utter the words 'hair' and 'color' in the same sentence. Such, is the extent of her frustration over me coloring my hair and that leading to damage and she having to break her head over getting it all back on track again. Hello, annoying sessions of hair-oil-seeping-into-skull-and-dripping-all-over-my-face-eeewwwwww! But just look at this, ayyo! So beautiful, no?  May be I can actually cut my hair that short too. What the hell, hair grows back anyway? :) 

*slamming of the door*

*knock knock*

Mom? Mom? I was kidding amma! MOM! Hellllooooooo! 

*no response*

*Notification: No internet connection*

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PS: All images are from Pinterest, I don't claim any ownership.
PPS: What are you wishing for? :)

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  1. That floral skirt is beautiful! Definitely spring fashion! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xxx


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