Wednesday 18 February 2015

Pretentious - 2

If you are new to the series, here is part 1.


The latest eye candy in the office had just given me attention. The hungover-by-the-coffee-machine me, attention.  But why me, really? I mean c'mon! I looked like hell, and not in a good way. There were prettier girls around me, ready to do anything for him. Okay wait its not like I have any self esteem issues, I am good. I am great. Even though short at 5" 3', I have a good figure. Guys tell me I have a nice booty. I have a good pair of eyes that always stand out and nice long hair. Oh wait, now I sound like a girl described in porno. Okay so well. All I am trying to say is, this particular day, this Friday, I was not looking my best. 

I didn't have much time to plan and give a I-couldn't-care-less-about-you answer.

"Hey, Sid! You can call me A". First letter references are so cool,aren't they? *eye roll*

"A. Okay, so are you free for coffee this evening?"

"Umm, this evening? I, I.."

"Oh get over yourself already. I asked you for coffee, didn't ask you what's your favorite position", he rolled his eyes.


And just like that, before I could give him the perfectly-framed comeback, he sauntered away leaving me red faced by the coffee maker.

I don't do red faced. I don't. I am the girl that intimidates guys. I am the girl that gives complex. I am the girl that has to reduce her level of IQ to have a decent conversation with a 28 year old man child, possessing an IQ less than that of a toddler's. No guy can ever leave my flustered. Not with this dirty arrogance. 

The rest of the day was horrid. Back to back meetings with teams was making the day more horrid. Cups together of coffee and aspirins were helping me hold my sanity together. A background process was running on my mind all the time. I just couldn't accept the fact that he had said it. I mean, its no big deal. But well, who says that to a girl you have just met? Pretentious ass, that's who. 

By the end of the day, I was exhausted. I hated having thought cycles running on my mind all the time. I hated having given my brain space to someone as annoying as him. I don't believe in words like "The heart wants what the heart wants" "I can't stop thinking about you" and corny stuff like that. Its your brain, not your heart. Stop being a romantic fool and get a life. Obviously, I wasn't a hit among freshly heart broken friends. Oh well. 

I gathered my phone, lappy and bag and checked myself in the door panel - the week's exhaustion adorned my face. Tonight would be spent in bed, catching on sleep and Grey's Anatomy. No space for boys in my head, I promised myself.

I walked to the elevator. Friday evenings are probably the happiest moments all over the world. Like its a damn celebration. I could hear imaginary fireworks, while I waited for the elevator to reach my floor. The door opened to reveal a very empty elevator. I mentally thanked every other human that decided not to get into this one and just when the bell chimed signalling the closing of the door, he squeezed himself into the now closed metal compartment. 

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  1. ohkkk interesting.... i am waiting for what happens next.

  2. Aah! Again with the suspense end.
    Will wait for part 3.
    And well yeah, college sucks! mine too!

    1. Brendan, you are back! Thank you so much :D Colleges suck very much. I feel you!


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